Dr Lim, a man of principles and integrity

The government should correct the wrong it has inflicted upon Dr Lim and all those associated with this disputed study by releasing sufficient data to permit independent academicians to either refute or verify its findings.

On Lim quits over Asli's report retraction

Peter Ooi: Dr Lim stated in his letter of resignation that "as director of the CPPS, I take full responsibility, and stand by the findings of the study and other studies that were submitted in our report to the government on the Ninth Malaysia Plan in February 2006".

I must congratulate Dr Lim for his bold stand. All fair-minded Malaysians would appreciate and admire you for the principle you stand for. To be frank, a man of such high standing is very hard to come by in this beloved country of ours.

How I wish all our 'leaders' have such principles and integrity like Dr Lim. The very fact that our cabinet ministers are labelled 'half past six' goes to show that such attributes are sorely lacking.