SPECIAL REPORT: Up close and personal

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In this one-hour interview - his third with malaysiakini - Mahathir answered some of the key allegations made against him during his 22 years at the country's helm.

Unlike the previous two interviews, this is the first time that Mahathir accepted to meet with malaysiakini without any pre-conditions.

The following is the three-part interview in full, accompanied with video footages.

Part 1

Dr M: Najib more qualified than Pak Lah

Q&A: Najib afraid he wouldn't be picked as DPM

Part 2

Mahathir: I couldn't sack Samy Vellu

Q&A: Rafidah should be 'removed'

Part 3

Project M: Not me, not Umno, but others

Q&A: I'm not a Muslim Hadhari. I'm a Muslim, period


Part 1 (18 mins)

Part 2 (18 mins)

Part 3 (21 mins)

Previous interviews

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