Despite attempts to spook the public from participating in the Bersih rally, 40,000 people turned up on Nov 10 in the largest show of force since the reformasi protests a decade ago.

The Malaysiakini team was there with following news reports, photos and videos.

LIVE reports: The Bersih rally
Map - how the marchers get to Istana
40,000 protest for free and fair elections
Acid rain in Masjid Jamek
Organisers hail banned rally a success
Bersih plays cat-and-mouse with cops
Journalists attacked by riot police
'We come in peace, we leave in peace'
Rally crackdown: 29 arrested, 24 released
KL rally roadblocks cause traffic chaos



Bersih succeeds in submitting memo to King l 4 min
Acid rain in Masjid Jamek l 3 min
Bersih march - from Sogo to Istana l 4 min
Comments from rally participants l 4 min
KL rally roadblocks cause traffic chaos l 30 sec
Pak Lah: There's never been peaceful gatherings l 4 min
Zam vs Malaysiakini: He's calmer today... l 2 min
Bersih rally - vox populi l 3 min


PM vows to crack down on Bersih rally
High-powered delegation to submit Bersih memo
Suhakam undecided on free assembly
Cops mount roadblocks to stop rally participants
Bersih gives point-by-point rebuttal to police
International rights group: Let M'sians rally
Rally organiser finds herself blacklisted


PAS denies implicating King in Bersih rally
Bersih never claimed King gave consent
Lawyer observer blasts 'police state'
Launch of 'yellow day' marred by police harassment
King: No royal support for Bersih rally
Nazri, Khairy on Al Jazeera: 'Semua okay'
Hawker: Police broke my leg during rally
Police quiz Bersih leaders
'Mystery voters' under EC's spotlight
Rights lawyer: KL lockdown illegal
Rally crackdown: Ex-EU envoy ticks off gov't
Anwar: The people have spoken
Police summon Bersih leaders to meeting
'Wear yellow every Saturday'
Bersih wants Siva out of Suhakam
'Transplanted' voter cries foul
Umbrella man, you're a true Malaysian
Kit Siang: Zam 'minister of misinformation'
PAS: PM insulted Malay rulers
Bersih-inspired protests held in other countries
Next stop, the sultans
Rally: Bar Council raps poor police conduct
Opposition are 'pondans' - Nazri's tirade
'We want reform in election financing too'
How 40,000 got pass the police cordons?
A case of BN's denial syndrome
Police report: Appointment with cops put off again
Pak Lah defends clampdown on protest
I didn't make it, but proud of those who did
Bersih slams gov't over rally crackdown


Open letter to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Malaysia's Goebbels at work
NST, where's the Islam Hadhari you embrace?
Zam, what say you about the local media?
Misinformation reigns on the Nov 10 march
The people have spoken, now opposition must unite
The time for change has begun
The day I helped deliver the memo to the King
No Zam, your eyes are not playing tricks
Rally marks an important milestone
Bersih's rally was about accountability
One rule for BN, another for the rest
Why the cops act against peaceful protesters?
Break media blackout with CDs
Bersih can take police to court
Khairy, who do you think you are?
On Nov 10, the skies wept for the rakyat
Too soon to call it 'yellow revolution'
Yellow Day: Ask motorists to turn lights on
A counter-force from Bersih
Bersih berjaya, tangan-tangan kotor terhina