MCA: How low must we go to accommodate 'Third Force'?

    I refer to the Malaysiakini report MCA VP Liow leads 13 to quit CC.

    I have refrained from writing on the MCA to allow all parties to have a cooling-off period. In order to achieve a consensus towards a fresh election, all parties must unite on a common platform under the supervision of the ‘Special Committee for Fresh Party Election’ formed to build this consensus in the interests of the MCA.

    The central committee had unanimously formed this committee chaired by Chua Soi Lek to iron out the technicalities towards a fresh party election. EvenMCA President Ong Tee Keat had humbly refrained from commenting on this issue with due respect to the committee formed by the party.

    Why then is ‘Liow Tiong Lai & Gang’ staging a very public ‘resignation’ at a time when the prime minister's hands are full with many other national issues such as the MACC, the BTN, the Nazri-Mahathir spat, the PKFZ persecutions, etc?

    Ideally and spiritually, the understanding is that we must all work together in unison, quietly ironing out the differences and agreeing to the approaches for a fresh election without compromising or breaching the sanctity and supremacy of the MCA constitution.

    The perceived sovereignty of the MCA is equaly important to ensure that the party's image, independence and dignity is safeguarded and maintained.

    All MCA leaders have taken their oath and pledge to uphold the MCA constitution. We have pledged to abide and uphold the provisions of the MCA constitution. We do not want a repeat of 2002 when the MCA constitution was ‘raped’ on directives from forces outside the party.

    That was the darkest point of our MCA’s history and I have since then lost all my respect for the leadership of Ling Liong Sik/Ong Ka Ting and Lim Ah Lek/Chan Kong Choy. They had collectively failed the party and the community.

    All CC members have agreed to refrain from making public statements on the 'fresh election' while the Special Committee deliberates towards a consensus. With discipline, we could have all waited for the recommendations of this Special Committee and signed our resignation letters together towards a fresh election upon taking into considerations the Special Committee's recommendations. We could have all done so in the interests of the party.

    But again the Special Committee’s functions have been hijacked and disrupted by the indiscipline of this same ferocious gang. The ‘Third Force’ has created a rift between the president and his deputy. The Third Force had orchestrated the EGM. The Third Force had obstructed and hijacked the ‘Greater Unity Plan’.

    How low must we go to accommodate the aggressiveness of the Third Force? Back to the questions in my head today:

    1. Why did Liow orchestrate a very public tendering of an insufficient number of 'false resignations'? Is he showing that he is now the ‘boss’ or diverting attention from the MACC inquiry on his special birthday gift to his wife?

    2. Liow should have respected the Special Committee that was formed and approved by the central committee. If the president can humble himself and subscribe to the party's decisions, who is the vice-president to display his arrogance and disregard for the party?

    3. Liow himself is a member of the Special Committee so why is he discussing issues outside of the committee without regard for decorum and discipline of the party? Where is the discipline and the leadership by example of a good leader?

    4. Why must there be a pubic display of a ‘signing ceremony’ for 'non-resignations' or 'conditional resignations' before the secretary-general? Why should the secretary-general be a party to such indiscipline and political theatrics?

    5. Didn't the secretary-general send a couriered letter of resignation to all the elected central committee members? This procedure was approved and agreed to by the Special Committee of which Liow is a member but he himself is not respecting such a civil method.

    6. Why are our leaders not respecting the MCA headquarters? If there is any resignation, just tender the same to the party HQ. Why are our leaders not showing the due respect to our party? Where is our discipline and order?

    7. Are we starting a rebellious political culture by quietly whispering and misleading the members on the ground that all this is endorsed by 'atas'? Who are the 'atas'? Do this 'atas' really support such indiscipline in the MCA?

    8. Lastly, I must say that Liow’s theatrics are very similar to our ‘Renaissance Man’ Anwar Ibrahim. Did Liow learn them from Anwar or his political master Chan Kong Choy?

    Liow has the best of public relations skill second only nto his ‘master’. Chan is media savvy and is an expert on public relations. He had the Chinese media and NGO's kowtowing him when he was in power. He knows how and when to steal the thunder and when to avoid the lightning...

    Will the prime minister or deputy prime minister endorsed the remnants of Anwar’s or Chan’s political culture? Let’s see...