Emigration is overrated

As a gainfully employed professional in the US, I can relate to Gilaman's fantastical portrayal of how green the pasture can be for him in Seattle.

But alas, I find his views and the views of all emigration advocates to be categorically flawed and need to refute them lest everyone is sucked into their private fantasy of the so-called land of utopia.

First of all, let's not kid ourselves, the playing field is never level in the US. As a matter of fact, it never will be. Someone, somewhere, somehow will be able to justify bypassing an immigrant for a promotion, fringe benefits, bonus payments etc.

The problem lies not in policy but the inherent attitude of immigrants of not wanting to rock the boat and not voicing out their displeasure against blatant (dare I say) discrimination. These supposed white masters have no qualms when it comes to taking advantage of the yellow man.

I'm not saying this is rampant for I have heard true accounts of meritocracy-based environments in the US where Malaysians persevered and are successful. But these are few and far between.

I myself have fought with all three companies I used to work for in varying degrees and with varying successes with regards to the seemingly preferential treatment given to whites as opposed to the yellow man.

I simply refuse to be typecast as the stereotypical Asian who is industrious, reliable but subservient. I truly believe my action or inaction will be a yardstick for these people in their future dealings with my fellow Asians.

Therefore, it is important for all Asians - brown, yellow or dark-skinned - to stop the rot now. The very traits that define you are working against you. Speak up and be ever ready to walk out in protest.