Anwars three lawyers not the norm

The letter Anwar's three lawyers did good by Dr Steven Frank is indeed true. Come to think of it, where did the over 100 lawyers who made so much of noise about defending Anwar disappear to?

I for one never trust lawyers. Mahatma Gandhi once described lawyers as nothing but educated liars. Gandhi was a lawyer himself so he could speak from within. Many of them bluff and mislead clients often.

Their only concern is how much money they can squeeze out of their client. They only respect the client before they register the case in their files and before they collect the first initial payment. After that the client becomes a slave to him. That is what the lawyer wants his client to be.

They give you the impression that the moment a file has been opened in your name then the case is at their command and fancy. Whenever they are in need of money, they can call up the client.

There is no such thing as financial planning. At least, not in the opinion of lawyers. A case may not even see the light of hearing for the next few years, but the lawyer will give you the impression that it is due for hearing the next day, just to satisfy his financial needs.

Frankly, you lose all your self respect the moment you become a client of a lawyer. He demands money as and when he wants it for his personal needs.

My own sister engaged a lawyer once and he didn't go to court on the specified date. She got a judgment in default. When she questioned the lawyer, he had the nerve to tell her that she had never kept in touch with him. She then threatened that she would report this to the Bar Council.

He then promised to refund the money. But for the last three years he has breached all his promises and to this day she has never got back the money. Every time she calls him on the telephone, either he avoids the calls or he keeps saying he is dead broke. My sister has now given up on the money.

But I am glad that in Malaysia there are still some good lawyers left, though they are more an exception to the rule. I hope there will come a time when Anwar will do good for people in need.