Malays still in third place

I refer to the letter Uncertain new year for Indians by Dr Jacob George.

The way I see it, the socio-political history of this country since Merdeka is that unlike the Chinese, the Malays and Indians have been betrayed by their political leaders. The Malay and Indian leaders were only interested in lining up their own pockets, securing scholarships and licenses and other opportunities for themselves, their children and their families.

Since the Indian political party is the junior partner in the Barisan Nasional, it was quite limited in this pursuit but the Malays have certainly suffered more. It is only on the surface that there seem to be all kinds of things being done to help the Malays.

But in the end the numbers speak for themselves. Malays are perhaps in the third place in every sector. For instance, the great success in sending Malays to colleges and universities is proving meaningless with educated Malays now either unemployed or underemployed (with low pay and doing jobs not based on their qualifications.

Many people don't realise one thing in that the Chinese and the Indians can, without fear, point the finger at their political leaders and tell them they are not doing enough for them. The Malays (due to their feudal culture) would not even think of doing such a thing.

Thus, the Chinese and Indians go ahead in making a living. I can name at least three sectors in which the Indians dominate - English language journalism, newspaper distribution and the restaurants business. At the high end, there are the legal and medical professions. As for the Chinese, they are in the high end sectors like manufacturing and property development and the entertainment industry.

As for the Malays, they are only wage earners working as soldiers, policemen and personnel in other uniformed sectors or in the civil service who will always suffer more when there is an increase in prices.