NEP a disservice to Malay Malaysians

    Assume that the NEP is continued in its present form, or even skewed more towards Malays, for another 50 years. The year is 2057. Will we see Malays ahead of the Chinese in business, education and the professions?

    If one ponders deeply on this question, the answer will most certainly be 'No'. There is no way that the Malay community can even come to be on par with the Chinese, let alone beat them, if the NEP is continued in its current spirit, form and practice. The Malay community just wouldn't be equipped with the resilience, perseverance and fighting spirit required to succeed economically in a competitive environment.

    The NEP, while enriching the well-connected in Umno and other members of BN, would continue to deny the larger Malay community the essential skills for survival and competitiveness in the global economy. The New Economy Policy, though named as such, is without doubt inappropriate for the New Economy.

    The NEP is doing a disservice to the Malay community in preparing them for the future, and is ethically and morally wrong when considering its relevance and impact on the Chinese and Indians and other non-Malays - it is a sin from any good religion's principles and teachings.

    It is only 'right' for the corrupt ruling politicians who interpret and manipulate it to their benefit, contrary to the spirit in which it was initially formulated to eradicate poverty regardless of race. The NEP must be dismantled as it is fundamentally detrimental to the larger Malay community's long-term well-being and interests.

    An alternative policy which is blind to race and religion and which is needs-based will most certainly benefit deserving Malays as well other needy Malaysians to create a competent Malaysian community which can meet the challenges from within and beyond.