PKFZ: Phang and Co merely 'sacrificial lambs'?

vox populi small thumbnail'Do you want them to believe that these three could squander away with billions of dollars? What about the two previous transport ministers who issued the letters of guarantee?'

PKFZ: OC Phang charged with CBT, claims trial

Tan Teng Wah: Are they just the sacrificial lambs? This disgraceful episode has been aptly described as 'the mother of all scandals'. But for such a mammoth loss caused by misplaced trust and disgusting misdeeds, only three persons are charged. Tell it to the marines.

Cala: What a big disappointment to the people. Do you want them to believe that OC Phang, by herself from the management side, can squander away with billions of dollars? The two previous transport ministers who issued letters of guarantee to Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd should also be charged in court.

Up to this point, the government is just not doing enough to recover its lost credibility over this PKFZ fiasco. It is a let down alright. Not enough to regain Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat.

Kgan: OC Phang is obviously a proxy for someone else. She was appointed as general manger despite lacking any corporate experience. During the PAC inquiry, she admitted that she did not know what a ‘cash flow projection' is.

What about the two transport ministers who signed the unauthorised letter of guarantee or euphemistically called ‘comfort letters'? These are the real ‘sharks'.

Phang should be hauled up only for allowing herself to be used but she should not protect the higher-ups. Is there any political will to prosecute the ‘sharks'?

Disgusted: Why only the ‘ikan bilis' are charged? What about Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy. The arrogant Bintulu MP who throws millions around? The Umno fellas in Kuala Dimensi? All the others who may have had a corrupt finger in the pie to enrich themselves?

Are they untouchables? Malaysians can bet all this is a ‘sandiwara' by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak 's government to hoodwink the rakyat. Eventually, no one will receive any sentence and the case will thrown out on a technicality such as ‘documents not filed in Bahasa Malaysia' or ‘lack of evidence'.

Trust the attorney-general to find some excuse to throw out the charges and set everyone free with a clean slate to start all over again.

Sarajun Hoda: Serves her right. Used to be very arrogant when in power. You reap what you sow. But legal magicians might make legal somersaults and the courts might help these people out because down the line, Umno people are involved.

In Europe and Japan, a prime minister who was aware of these illegal acts all along would resign in shame.

In Malaysia-boleh Land, the Umno leaders who committed criminal breach of trust and made tons of money are still enjoying life in air-conditioned palaces. Even the police or the MACC cannot reach them, they are too far above. You know lah...

Prisoners barred from using mother-tongue

Yuvan: The government should intervene in a logical and compassionate manner to resolve this matter. It is no point making this another ‘language issue'.

What if the prisoner cannot speak both languages - English or Malay? What if the prisoner is of a foreign nationality who can only speak in his native language and cannot speak or understand a word of English? A prisoner is also a human being who has the right to speak in his native language to his family members and friends.

Effective communication with the family is an important aspect of the prison rehabilitation process that will assist prisoners to become better and useful people again. The Home Ministry should take this matter seriously and find a logical solution soon.

Watchman: Can one imagine if this kind of stupidity extends to prisons in other countries? Suppose one is arrested in Croatia and then is allowed to speak only Croatian if one were to use the telephone. Our Prisons Department, like other government departments, are really going to the dogs.

Concerned Citizen: This is just a procedure to ensure security. What is so wrong about it? Don't make it an issue when there is none in the first place.

Would you rather have covert instructions be given out and by the time these are interpreted, it is too late to do anything? Then you people will go back and blame the authorities for not being stricter.

Godflesh: If the intake of workers into the public service sector reflected the demographics of Malaysia, this problem wouldn't have happened amongst the prison staff.

Gov't tenders open to inexperienced bumi contractors too

Tan Kian Khim: Judging by Deputy Finance Minister Dr Awang Adek's response, Malaysians should expect more collapsed bridges, more 'Bukit Antarabangsas' and more Shah Alam Hospital scandals in the near future.

It is clear why JKR decided to award the hugely overpriced RM500 million Shah Alam Hospital contract (at 60% above industry estimates) to a shell company like Sunshine Fleet when it has absolutely no track record or experience in healthcare facility construction (a highly specialised and demanding field).

Presumably, the fact that Sunshine Fleet is 100% owned by the Selangor royal family is a more important criterion than having the actual capability to design and build a public hospital.

Ong: Awang Adek Hussin said: ‘The government is to look into a proposal to give able but inexperienced contractors the opportunity to acquire government tenders.' Can inexperienced contractors be capable contractors?

I don't think he knows what he is talking about.