Are EC's Double 00s really 'On His Majesty's Service'?

COMMENT Despite the ‘Agong-appointed' double 00 status claimed by Election Commission (EC) deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, which he says makes him 'bulletproof' to criticisms from the electoral reform pressure group Bersih, it's a wonder whether the EC - sprung from parliamentary statute - is ‘On His Majesty's Service' and truly represents the people's mandate.

NONEIndeed Wan Ahmad (right) has used his own ‘licence' to criticise, to open his mouth and call on Bersih to "respect the constitution" and accused the pro-electoral reform group of "spinning issues and playing politics" but when it comes to electoral issues, it is the EC which seems to be dragging its feet and playing ring-around-the-rosy.

Though when it comes to semantics and nit-picks, the EC seems quite reactive and indeed pro-active to boot.

Observe the need to change its official colour (yellow) for the next general election to disassociate itself from Bersih whose official colour is the same...