Bersih panel: The other good men should quit, too

YOURSAY 'Perhaps these two men of honour who withdrew from the panel know that the inquiry will be no more than a sham.'

Two panelists drop out of Bersih inquiry

your sayFerdtan: The two panelists in the Bersih 3.0 inquiry, former chief judge of Borneo Steve Shim and Petronas corporate affairs senior manager Medan Abdullah, are being polite when they gave their reasons for backing out of the Bersih inquiry panel.

They obviously do want to associate with the infamous panel with ex-IGP (inspector-general of police) Hanif Omar as its chief.

The other panelists are advised to better run before your good names are dragged through the mud.

Kairos: Shim and Medan are the two wise ones. The rest are just plain stupid. The whole exercise is a complete waste of time.

The panel has no power and no locus standi. It takes an ex-senior judge to see through the whole facade.

Also by the time the panel gets to work and process their interviews and then come out with the report, probably a new government is in Putrajaya.

All the effort spent will be useless. Anyway, the panel is biased even before it starts with the chairman believing that communists had infiltrated Bersih.

Ksn: This is a good beginning for the now infamous inquiry under Hanif. It's good for the men who decided to withdraw.

Hanif, your reasons for their withdrawal is pure nonsense and the panel which did not have a standing in the public eye to start with, has lost whatever is left, if any.

ONG: Smart people are able to make themselves sick if the need to become sick arises.

Smart people are also able to suddenly come out with other more important and more urgent concerns that need to be addressed to avoid behaving and looking like a fool in the public eyes.

Unfortunately, here in Malaysia there will always be people who will volunteer to behave and look like fools to please their Umno masters.

Therefore not to worry because getting two replacements for Steve Shim and Medan Abdullah won't be a problem. One history professor comes to mind.

Democrat: I know a lot about Sin Chew legal adviser Liew Peng Chuan and his good judgment. He should find reasons to drop out too. And so must the others. That will help you keep your integrity.

Malaysian Born: Once Hanif verbalised his personal opinions on the Bersih movement, he should have been automatically disqualified from being on, let alone heading, the panel.

For some reason, BN does not seem to be able to sustain a decent strategy with their leaders doing the foot in mouth routine at a drop of a coin.

I mean accusing PAS of paying for participants in Kedah and wanting to rethink Internet freedom to combat porn - whatever happened to showing leadership and speaking with integrity.

Anonymous_3e86: Perhaps these two men of honour know that the inquiry will be no more than a sham.

It is obvious the BN government is adamant about bringing down Bersih 3.0. The verdict is out even before the inquiry started. These two men don't want their reputation and integrity dragged through dirt.

Borg Kinaulu: A few good men, they are.

Cannon: Hanif is one of the sycophants who jumped on board Umno's bandwagon to vilify Bersih 3.0 after the ground-shaking turnout.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has produced his show-all and tell-out video of Bersih 3.0, what's left for Hanif and his pathetic panel is to massage the facts to fit the regime's version of the events.

The two who dropped out of the panel know they are just being used.

Domcr2001: Why not replace these two panelists with another two former IGPs - Abdul Rahim Noor and Musa Hassan? That should make it even more interesting.

Sadirah K: There is so much adat and culture that the likes of Hanif Omar will never hear the truth about themselves.

They live in an ivory tower with all yes men around them and with the titles they have, they believe that they are special and highly regarded.

If I were Hanif, I would resign when two members of the committee resign but this does not get to him. The same for all the warlords in Umno-BN.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has no understanding of what he has done to this nation when university after university give him awards. The billions that we have lost and the corruption that has become endemic can all be traced to his leadership.

When you justify the means to achieve the ends and say that I took the money not for myself but for the party, does that suddenly make it an honest act?

This is the culture of BN and we have had enough of this.

Queenie: The others may follow suit if they have the balls to do so.

Hanif, don't waste our time. We won't bother with reading your report because you are already biased and nothing will persuade you to change your mind.

Communist uprising indeed. What crap.

Holden: The last of the independent-minded leave? Could we please have the Perkasa fella.

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