When sale of military secrets 'not important'

VOXPOP 'What is the Parliament for if important issues cannot be raised there? Why bother then? Might as well go to the streets.'

Emergency motion on defence secrets sale rejected

vox populi small thumbnailLouis: A motion concerning the nation's security is not important enough to be debated in Parliament? Mr Speaker, what is imporant then?

It is the responsibility of the lawmakers to see to it that our servicemen are out of harm's way. Now the Navy's secret are allegedly sold, it is of utmost important that the culprits be identified and brought to justice.

This is no time to show your loyalty to the political masters. Your loyalty is to the nation and the king, who is the commander-in-chief.

Odin: The selling documents such as these constitutes an act of treason. Rejection of the emergency motion means nothing more than the speaker's granting of the subject matter zero importance.

This, in turn, means that all the talk about national security and such amounts to nothing more than meaningless sounds emanating from the mouths of hypocritical, untrustworthy imbeciles.

Yet these same imbeciles prohibit the use of the word ‘Allah' in non-Islamic publications. In countries run by civilised people, the speaker, as are all the rest of his fellow-imbeciles, would be charged.

Slumdog: The next plan of attack is to ask the House speaker to tell Parliament the basis on which he decided to deny the emergency motion?

Depending on his response, which I am guessing will be flippant, the opposition should pass a motion of no confidence in the speaker.

The motion will obviously be lost, but at least the rakyat will come to know more about this disgraceful act of treason by the government.

Full of Crap: Whenever there are important issues raised by opposition MPs, they are almost certainly rejected by the speaker.

What is the Parliament for if important issues cannot be raised there? Why bother with raising issues in Parliament then? Might as well go to the streets.

Cantabrigian: BN voters, is this what you really want? To see your country being sold to the highest bidder?

Don't you even have an ounce of patriotism in your heart to realise that BN is actually gambling with your future and your childrens' future?

'Chinese high school in Kuantan still possible'

Lim Chong Leong: Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, after spending 50 years to settle the approval for a Chinese high school in Kuantan, you still need more time? Time for what? More bidding for number plates and thinking up stories and lies to tell us?

Furthermore, Liow told the Chinese press on May 23 that Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had directed MCA to follow up on the issue.

Liow is lying again here because Muhyiddin on the same day said his hands were tied.

Milo: Liow, you've got no more time! The election is round the corner and you'll be kicked out by then. You have been given so many years already and you have done nothing. Now you want more time?

SMC77: Liow, I won't give you even one second to hear your lies. You are crazy to ask for more time. I don't have time for MCA but I will have plenty of time to prosecute MCA and other corrupt BN politicians.

Anonymous #72737246: When the liar Liow says to give MCA some time, it means he will wait until Pakatan Rakyat gets into power, then he will demand for the Chinese high school in Kuantan. Until then, all of you can be jealous about his ‘free' WWW15 car plate.

Joe Lee: MCA leaders are just hopeless, useless, Umno running dogs. When the Umno samseng masters yell at them, they'll have their tails between their legs.

Best to put them out of their misery in the next election.

Jaded: You should have been working on this instead of bidding for the car plate, Liow. Laws are made and can be changed. BN is good at that.

So the question is really that of political will. BN, particularly MCA, does not have the will and this has been painfully obvious for the last 50 years.

Anonymous #88188; Why is it so difficult for the BN government to approve the Chinese school, why? It merely 'approves', they are not even asking the government to sponsor it. Is it because Umno is objecting to it?

StevenForMalaysia: Because of the coming GE, they will give the green light at the very last minute to court Chinese votes.

However, the Chinese will no more entertain such tactic. The government approval should be automatic if there are more than enough students who want to go to a private Chinese secondary school.

Artchan: Muhyiddin says cannot, Liow says can, so who is lying? This is typical BN ‘tai chi'.


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