Dani boy, you're no help to your future in-laws

YOURSAY 'It looks like PM Najib's daughter has got herself into a big mess and will have to do a lot of soul searching.'

PM's future son-in-law accused of US$20mil swindle

Bartimaeus 2020: PM Najib Razak entertained guests sumptuously on the occasion of his daughter's engagement to an alleged conman, with a premier hotel in Kuala Lumpur catering for the sumptuous feast.

Only a man with the spending power of a Carlos Slim Helu (Mexican tycoon) would have splurged so much on a mere engagement.

That there are so many Malaysians living under the poverty line, notably ethnic Indians and the Orang Asli, makes the extravagance especially scandalous.

Najib could do two things to show that he really has a heart:

i) Provide adequate relief for the poor of Malaysia and also create employment for them.

ii) Set up a generous trust fund for Altantuya Shaariibuu's children since it was his own bodyguards who murdered her.

Qiqi: Poor girl, people are gloating over her misfortune. She could not choose her own parents, but she could have chosen a more eligible Malaysian young man.

Malaysian law says females are to marry out, not in, if they choose to marry foreigners. Dani boy (Daniyar Nazarbayev) cannot be given citizenship by the rule of law.

Her engagement has allegedly cost Malaysians a lot of money too. The entourage to the boy's country and the costly engagement party in Malaysia are fresh in our minds.

Kumara: Will we be ‘funding' another engagement do for Nooryana Najwa anytime soon?

Headhunter: Reading the comments in Malaysiakini, one can't help but question just how popular PM Najib Razak and his wife are.

People react in glee because Malaysians have been at the receiving end of their greed and disrespect towards us and their disregard for fair play.

A well-respected leader would not suffer this type of humiliation and insults. It's time for Umno to wake up if they still care for their own survival.

Frozen: I actually felt sorry for the daughter. Najib is not being a good father. I remembered when I introduced my boyfriend to my father, he would do background checks as much as an ordinary person can.

He is the PM of Malaysia and his daughter is about to marry a foreign national, shouldn't the SB (Special Branch) be doing background checks to see if this guy is for real?

If they did (and found out that Daniyar is clean) then it shows that SB is sloppy and it needs a serious revamp (they can't even protect a prominent figure, let alone ordinary rakyat like me).

If no checks have been done, then what kind of father is Najib? He can't even take care of his daughter, how do you expect him to take care of Malaysia?

Either way, this doesn't look good.

Kairos: Clearly this is a family of cheats. Who would go to this extent to get a degree? This is shamefully disgusting.

Nevertheless, people with no scruples will want to connect with other unscrupulous people. This is dark logic.

And considering what the PM's image is regarding corruption and murder, it is not surprising that such a dubious trend is continuing in the family line.

How can we vote such a PM back into power to rule this country? Malaysians must either be blind or stupid.

Pemerhati: Let us now compare and see how Najib swindles. He fools the people and keeps them happy by bribing the poor with RM500 and the BN MPs with RM1.5 million, just before elections.

The total cost would be around RM3 billion. If the elections are delayed, then he repeats the process and spends another RM3 billion. The total expenditure will then amount to about RM6 billion.

If the bribery enables Najib to win the elections, he can continue to siphon off the people's money for himself, his family and cronies at the current rate of about RM60 billion per year.

Over the next few years, he would be able to swindle the Malaysians of a whopping RM300 billion or so. This would make his Kazakhstan relatives, who are only able to swindle in the tens of millions, green with envy.

Amen: This is mischievous bit of reporting. In actual fact nothing was verified, including the fact that Najib's daughter is engaged to him or whether he is the same person.

As GE closes in, Malaysiakini will be reporting such matters including the A Kugan case, and soon that involving TBH (Teoh Beng Hock) and PI (private investigator) P Balasubramaniam.

All this is to whip up the sentiment against Najib and many others. Well, as they say, whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

Gordon Gecko: Dear PM Najib, I feel so sorry for you. The news must come as a shock to you and also to Kak Rosmah.

May I suggest a good comedy movie to take your mind off your daughter and your Kazakhstan son-in law Daniyar.

The movie, I am recommending is ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' (2006).

By the way, your son-in-law is so much smarter and good looking compared to the hero of the movie - Borat Sagdiyev.

LittleGiant: It looks like Najib's daughter has got herself into a big mess and will have to do a lot of soul searching.

Can someone check and see if Daniyar has already been granted Malaysian citizenship? Because if he is already a Malaysian citizen, the BN government would be glad to go all out, at any cost, to protect and save him.

Daniyar's skills in swindling would definitely be an 'asset' to our nation.

FellowMalaysian: It is bad enough to hear that the country's PM will soon be investigated by the French courts for kickbacks and bribery. His son was accused of being involved in playing the stock market.

Now, the daughter is about to be married to an alleged swindler involving US$20 million and being accused by none-other-than his step-father. All I can say is that like-minds do attract one another.

Noone: You sent people to show their backsides to a lone woman who cannot depend on a government for protection. You direct the country of lawless fools to bully and sell beef burger to a Hindu woman.

You accuse her of sabotaging your corrupted government when she just asked people to be honest and diligent. You put people in ISA for speaking the truth.

What should such a person deserve? Of course, a greater crook in the form of a son-in-law.


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