Malay dilemma or Mahathir's dilemma?

YOURSAY 'Malays should see this evil man for what he is. When true Malays run the country, it will be a great place for all.'

Mahathir blames Malays for TAR College cert recognition

your sayPemerhati: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the patron of Perkasa, keeps on confirming and reconfirming his Umno colleague Nazri Abdul Aziz's description of him as the father of racism.

All the despicable, false and ridiculous racist utterances should not come as a surprise from the patron of Malaysia's Ku Klux Klan.

This increasingly vile and shrill racist rhetoric strongly indicates that Mahathir is really worried that many Malays have wised up to the massive plundering of the country by Umno and hence are likely to vote for Pakatan Rakyat and bring it to power.

If this happens he and his other criminal cohorts would have to answer for their many crimes and could possibly end up in jail.

So Mahathir now is giving his very best racist performance, at which he is a known expert, to try and influence the Malays so that they would not desert Umno.

Yap CS: He is now in full force spewing his brand of racial hatred. At last, former premier Mahathir shows his true racist character.

He referred to what he termed as the present-day Malay dilemma and claimed that the community had failed to exploit its majority.

He doesn't care for any of the non-Malays; only that the Malays should use their majority to suppress others.

LittleGiant: To say that "the Malay community had failed to exploit its majority since Independence to consolidate power" is a massive understatement by Mahathir.

I just cannot believe that this kind of irresponsible and totally illogical statement is made by a person who was prime minister of this country for 22 years. Isn't it the Malay community that is holding fort in the country's civil service now?

What about the top level management and senior-most executives in GLCs and the country's banking sector? What about Petronas, MAS, KTMB, LRT, MRT operators? Who are the VCs in public universities?

The Malays have not been stupid. They were clever, smart and have undoubtedly made tremendous progress since Independence.
And the Chinese are not stupid either. The Chinese know well that the government's recognition of TARC certificates is nothing more than a vote-buying exercise.

Mahathir can be rest assured that the Chinese could not be bothered about applying for jobs in the country's public sector.

Clever Voter: This old man is not only sick but mentally incompetent to speak on behalf of any community.

He not only chose to belittle his own allies, alienate his friends and insult the community that had fed, supported and probably silly enough to let him help himself to the country's till.

He must be held accountable for the corruption which has weakened our competitiveness, and for the appalling standards of our university education.

So what if the TAR (Tunku Abdul Rahman College) certificates are recognised by the government - the civil service is no longer, or has never been attractive, for to those who prefer the private sector.

Society has matured and social media has enhanced transparency. Government performance can be better judged today, and people should not listen to this man who tries to divert attention on key issues.

World Citizen: If I were a Malay, I would take offence at being called "stupid" by an oaf. Malays should see this evil man for what he is. When true Malays run the country, it will be a great place for all.

Betelnut: My heart truly bleeds to read this coming from someone who is still considered prominent by some in the political arena of this country.

Race, race and more race - after all these years, he never once considered the true meaning of the entity ‘Malaysia'. It is so scary that I just want to cry!

Artchan: With one swoop, he calls Malays stupid. And this man is not a Malay. Imagine if MCA president Chua Soi Lek said the same about Malays, he would be hanged. But then, Chua wouldn't have the guts.

Anonymous #90975058: The Malays of today are more matured and have a global mindset. It is no longer Malays versus Chinese; it is Malaysians versus the rest of the world. Mahathir has his roots from Kerala, India and as such is not a Malay but a Malayalee.

Anonymous #38928340: In my previous company, we employed many TAR College graduates because of their excellent job performance.

In fact, the demand for these graduates was so high that our company conducted interviews even before the final exams results were released.

Rakyatmalaysia: He is one heck of a guy and shoots from the hip.

He remembers the bad old days when the Malays were nothing, absolutely nothing in government service, or the business and corporate world, or for that matter, anywhere.

I never remembered ever seeing a Malay doctor, nor a dentist, think about it, never saw a Malay anywhere.

Today, what a long way the Malays have come. God help them if like Mahathir says, they sell everything away.

WhatsayyouMalaysians: Malays are not as stupid as you would have liked to believe. They know the difference between a decent leader and one who is ‘kejam' (cruel) and devoid of compassion.

Guess who is the one who split the Malays? If not for the display of cruelty and arrogance which are not Malay characteristics by a certain leader, the Malays would not have been driven to find a new and more compassionate leader.

Dr Suresh Kumar: Having power does not mean you discriminate the minorities to show off your power, Mahathir.

If you think the Malay race can only survive by discriminating and bullying other Malaysians, then you have let the Malays down badly during your 22 years of leadership.

James1067: Damn the quality of education. Damn the children's future. Race, race, race is the only thing on their mind.

These politicians are pursuing their own personal agenda and they could not be bothered with the quality of our education.

Avatar 111: Mahathir is a menace not only to the Chinese but all the people in the country.

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