'Remember Low Yat?' man says before hitting shopgirl

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A shop clerk in Kuching suffered a bloody nose and broken tooth, after yet another brawl over a mobile phone.

A dispute over a phone led to rioting at the Low Yat digital mall in Kuala Lumpur last June, and another incident of fighting at Kota Raya mall late last year.

Interestingly, the shopper also threatened the shop clerk by asking her if she knew "what happened at Low Yat", Sin Chew reported.

This was after the shop clerk refused to repair the man's cracked mobile telephone screen, if he did not pay the full RM130 fee.

The man had offered to pay RM50 first, as he did not have the full amount.

Kuching police chief Roslan Bek Ahmad said after the threat, the man kicked the table next to the shop counter and punched and attacked the clerk.

Police are investigating the matter for criminal intimidation and causing bodily harm.

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