Precautionary and safety measures taken by McDonald’s Malaysia in light of Covid-19

Modified 15 Apr 2020, 8:49 am

Since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), McDonald’s Malaysia has ensured the adherence to high standards of food safety and cleanliness within their restaurants as well as through the McDelivery service for the continued wellbeing of their customers.

Standards of Procedure (SOP) at Restaurant

Despite closure of the regular dine-in area per the Movement Control Order, McDonald’s continues to operate in compliance with the MCO regulations in facilitating takeaway and drive through orders.

At the restaurant, McDonald’s Malaysia has ensured the highest standard of food cleanliness and safety. A daily chain of SOP applied by all McDonald’s outlets includes: 

  • 1 Manager and 4 Crew Members being assigned to carry out a thorough restaurant cleaning procedure after operating hours. This encompasses all areas of the premises that include the kitchen, drive in, dining space and storage areas. Thorough cleaning is also performed at all front counters, as well as Point of Sale (POS) and cashless devices.
  • All employees made mandatory to wearing face masks and gloves at all times. This includes crew members at the front counter, kitchen and those assigned to carry out temperature checks of customers and delivery riders before entering the premises.
  • Frequent conduction of temperature checks for the crew on a daily basis. Records are stored thereafter.

Standards of Procedure (SOP) for Food Delivery Services

Since the start of the MCO, McDonald’s Malaysia has taken the necessary steps to fortify their food delivery services for the safety of their customers. The applied chain of SOP includes:

  • Requirement for all delivery riders to be wearing gloves and a mask before entering the restaurant premises.
  • Mandatory hand sanitization.
  • Mandatory daily temperature checks outside of the restaurant.
  • 1 member of crew to be assigned to carry out delivery bag cleaning and sanitization before packing of food.
  • Variating locations of pick-up points for food delivery riders of McDelivery (MDS), and other delivery riders for services such as GrabFood and FoodPanda at McDonald’s Malaysia restaurants.

Following the launch of contactless food delivery, extra steps and the practice of social distancing has been taken that are reflected in:

  • Sealed take-away bags with the rider and crew’s temperature reading plastered on the bag.
  • Rider will contact customer once they have arrived at delivery location.
  • Rider will drop off food at an agreed safe spot.
  • Rider will stand at least one meter away from the customer to minimize chance of contact with the customer.
  • Only cashless payments will be accepted for the McDelivery service.

The cashless and contactless services made available to McDelivery Services have been introduced to reduce threat of contact between members of crew and the public.

“At McDonald’s Malaysia, all customers and members of staff are our priority. That is why we have added extra steps and procedures amidst these trying times, especially for our delivery services”, said Azmi Jaafar, Managing Director and Operating Partner of McDonald’s Malaysia.

The restaurant crew in all McDonald’s restaurants have been diligently following these health and safety measures accordingly so that customers can enjoy their favorite meals with guaranteed peace of mind.

We stand with all Malaysians during this difficult time. Stay safe and stay positive.