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    • 'Dr M admitted to ICU' is untrue, says Bersatu

      This comes after a message circulated on social media claiming Mahathir had faced breathing difficulties. Read more

    • Village chief of chiefs sounds battle cry to 'attack' Dr M's 'lies'

      UPDATED 8.10PM | 'No defence, all attack... We will attack (the lies) in every village,' says Shahaimi.  Read more

      Zikri Kamarulzaman

    • Murad's 'brief' for Anwar a year too late, says lawyer

      Lawyer asks why would Murad need to brief Anwar if the latter could explain the matter to Parliament a year before? Read more

      Alyaa Azhar

    • National diver Nur Dhabitah Sabri lights up the 29th SEA Games torch, signifying the official commencement of the games. Read more

    • Ten Years of Social Movements Read more


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            Did we screw up the SEA Games, Khairy?

            COMMENT | It’s not just the Indonesians; the Myanmarese have grievances to air as well.

            Fa Abdul
            'Fa Abdul'

            The real enemy of the Malays

            COMMENT | These are the economic opportunists who make hay while the sun shines.

            Mariam Mokhtar
            'Mariam Mokhtar'

            Harapan should also collaborate with Uthayakumar

            COMMENT | ‘Hindraf partisans should not take this to mean that I favour one brother over the other…’

            S Thayaparan
            'S Thayaparan'


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