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    • After a night in police lock-up, Jamal declares war on 'evil' Bersih

      UPDATED 8.50PM | Umno man vows to mobilise people from all over the country for the assault. Read more

      Anne Muhammad

    • Budget not designed for short-term political gains, says Najib

      UPDATED 6.10PM | Responding to talk of an election budget, the prime minister describes it as a commitment budget instead. Read more

    • Johari: Cooking oil subsidy stays, gov’t just curbing abuse

      ‘The people will not be affected and will continue to be be subsidised,’ he says. Read more



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            'Zan Azlee'

            Who is being unfair to Muslims in Malaysia?

            Talking about religion is always problematic.

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            Great leadership

            ‘Serve to Lead’ our nation out of the quagmire.

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