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    • Minister blames poor Bersih signage for billing boo-boo

        N Faizal Ghazali
    • Minister says critics at IACC were 'possessed'

        Shakira Buang
    • Ku Nan dares Anina to sue him over party expulsion

        Shakira Buang


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        • Is a no-confidence vote the only option?

          ANALYSIS Malaysiakini looks at legal avenues anti-Najib forces can use to oust him from office.

            Lu Wei Hoong
        • 'People power' can't decide when gov't retires, says minister

          Salleh echoes PM in saying 'people power' can only be exercised through the ballot box.

        • Preachers shifting voters into Putrajaya, claims minister

          Tengku Adnan says tabligh groups have come knocking, for addresses to be used in voter registration.

            Shakira Buang
        • Missing Orang Asli kids face expulsion from school

          [UPDATED 8.20PM] The primary school students have been missing since Aug 23 and parents are distraught.

        • S'pore minister now says didn't meant to insult M'sia, China

          Lim Swee Say said he had no ill intention and natural that he would speak better of his own country.

        • 'If Umno were rude, we'd thrash Bersih pix stompers'

          UPDATED 2.34PM Tajuddin Rahman says offenders lucky Umno is "well-mannered" or they would have faced the fist.

            Zikri Kamarulzaman
        • Ex-PAS MP: Mutton and chicken our way of paying for oath

          Khalid Samad tells PAS leaders to zip it as how he tackles broken oath is between him and God.

            Shakira Buang
        • Zahid: Umno grassroots 'poisoned' to turn against Najib

          He admits Najib is 'not so well-liked' by the grassroots, but blames the opposition for 'poisoning' minds.

            Zikri Kamarulzaman


          • Azalina: No-confidence vote possible, but PM will survive

            The minister clarifies that she did not say that a no-confidence motion cannot be tabled in Parliament.

          • Najib's IACC whipping warrants emergency Dewan sitting

            MP SPEAKS Kit Siang says the international PR disaster must be addressed immediately.

              Lim Kit Siang

          • Rewards for pix stomping info, but what of 1MDB scandals?

            Tony Pua aks why cops more keen on probing act at Bersih than PM's RM2.6bil and 1MDB scandals.

          • 10 reflections at the Bersih 4 rally

            COMMENT The authorities' failure to see rally as a constructive movement will give rise to more civil society action.

              Denison Jayasooria

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