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    • DAP’s Sg Siput hopeful doesn’t see himself as underdog

      SPECIAL REPORT | A Sivanesan believes DAP’s reputation and his work will help him win in GE14. Read more

      Annabelle Lee

    • Don't 'rename God', Christian group tells Mais over BM Bible

      NECF takes umbrage at suggestion that 'unqualified' DBP undertake translation of holy text. Read more

    • Defending our public spaces against extremists

      COMMENT | Merely ignoring extremists is not enough to quell their influence, as long as the system remains. Read more

      S Thayaparan

    • A durian hawker waits for customers at his stall in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Read more


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            Halal until proven haram, or the other way round?

            It shouldn't be so hard to define what is halal.
            Zan Azlee
            'Zan Azlee'

            Resisting historical amnesia, youths embrace Left again

            Reviving M'sia's tradition of progressive politics.
            Maryam Lee
            'Maryam Lee'

            The risks of easy financing for MRT3

            The gov’t must check potential abuse.
            P Gunasegaram
            'P Gunasegaram'


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