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SPMflix: Helping 70,000 students get through the pandemic
Published:  Jan 25, 2021 4:26 PM
Updated: 8:28 AM

More than 70,000 Malaysians have currently signed up for, Malaysia’s largest and most comprehensive free SPM education portal, where students can revise and learn through live-stream classes and even take quizzes to prepare for their examinations, which starts on Feb 22.

With over 8,700 free videos which are constantly updated, also offers an annual SPM Seminar which includes live online classes covering exam areas, tips and answering techniques for all 12 subjects for both the English and Malay mediums.

This highly sought-after seminar also includes soft skills sessions on study skills, memory skills and mind-mapping to further enhance how students perform at their exams.

Under the Tanya Cikgu tab on the SPMflix website, students can send their queries through WhatsApp, which will be answered by experienced teachers.

The BAC Education Group remains committed to digitising and creating free content for all schoolchildren in the country to ensure no one is left behind when it comes to access to education.

The BAC Education Group’s Managing Director, Raja Singham said he now wants to help solve the issue of internet accessibility amongst students from rural areas so they can also benefit from the portals.

“We want to focus on ensuring that students from the B40 and rural areas have adequate internet access to access the vast learning resources available online including SPMflix. Education is a means out of poverty.”

“We want to work with the federal and state governments to make this happen and we are prepared to fund it. We want to help educate every child in the country,” he said.

Since its inception, SPMflix has seen more than 70,000 students studying for free on its platforms while about 2,000 teachers have attended curated workshops on blended learning and the use of technology in classrooms.

Raja said we need to do our best to ensure learning continues and that education of schoolchildren is not disrupted and to eradicate digital poverty.

“The focus of the government and Telcos should be on to overcome the digital divide between urban and rural areas of the country.”

“We must ensure all Malaysian school children can access portals like so that their education is never interrupted and that all Malaysians have equitable access to education,” he added.