Monae Beauty & The Alley partner on creative cosmetic products with bubble tea

Modified 22 Jun 2020, 1:55 am

Collection by Monae Beauty here at every The Alley outlets across the nation. A limited edition lip cream collection available for 3 months - from April to June, to create an unique cosmetic experience with one of the most famous specialty bubble milk tea brand in Malaysia, The Alley.

“Monae Beauty is commited to provide out-of-the-box cosmetic experience in Malaysia. It is our pleasure to partner with The Alley and provide the whole Alley In BeautyLand experience concept and development. Over the past years, bubble milk tea has quickly become a new local trend in Malaysia. Apart from the bubble milk tea product, consumers pays more emphasis on the user experiences and uniqueness. In this respect, Monae Beauty discovered the potential and create the Alley In BeautyLand Cosmetic Collection specially for the whole limited time experience.” said Joanne Chung, Chief of Executive Officer, Monae Beauty.

First, The Alley official Shopee store will be launching the Alley In Beautyland’s special voucher that will be sold across the whole nation, which includes one (1) The Alley’s handcrafted beverage and one (1) free Alley In BeautyLand’s lip cream. Voucher can be redeemed anytime after the restriction movement control of Malaysia.

Second, in conjunction of the partnership, Monae Beauty will be selling an exclusive 4-in-1 Alley In BeautyLand Box that comes with a 10% lifetime The Alley membership card. Soon it will be a giveaway for a round trip air ticket to Korea for anyone that collected the 8 variances of the collection, all sponsored by Monae Beauty.

We have seen an out of expectation results just by observing the first few days of the launching. We believe the impact, in term of market expansion and brand value of both Monae Beauty and The Alley will be much bigger than ever, when we are having a continuous marketing activities throughout the campaign as a whole.

All of us at The Alley and Monae Beauty believe there has never been a more important moment work together to provide the all in one exclusive cosmetic & beverages experience in Malaysia.

For more information on Monae Beauty partners & collaborations, please visit: or contact Monae Beauty business development department at (+603) 7773 1278.


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