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Malaysian Nature Society launches online environmental classroom
Published:  Jun 24, 2020 3:46 AM
Updated: Jul 8, 2020 3:04 AM

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), as the oldest environmental conservation and education NGO in the country, launches its very first online nature classes for children of age 7-12, called the ‘Natural Classroom’.

Celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year, MNS continues to promote the understanding of nature and how it effects the environment to the public, at the comfort of the individuals’ home, by inviting participants to start observing plants and animals from their house garden or backyard.

The series is designed not only in line with the organisational jubilee tagline of ‘In Harmony with Nature’, but it also aligned with the national curriculum (KSSR) syllabus.

Picture of long-nosed horned frog (Megophrys nasuta) or Malaysian horned frog found in FRIM forest, Heliconia sp. commonly found in the rainforest and white buttercup flower found in FRIM campus

Every Wednesday, from 4-5pm, the MNS Educators will launch a live webinar classroom, where they will help students understand topics such as animal science, plant science, rainforest discovery and entomology (the study of insects).

Through Animal Science lesson, the students will learn about the animal kingdom, the food-chain system and understand its role in the ecological balance of the earth.

Meanwhile, in Plant Science class, the children will be able to understand the basic needs and parts of plants in general, its life cycle and the photosynthesis process.

MNS Educators will then invite the audience to explore the country’s rich natural heritage virtually in the third lesson, known as the ‘Rainforest Discovery’, as participants will be guided through the basic structures and characeristic of tropical rainforest.

“Jigsaw puzzle in the sky” The amazing view of ‘crown-of-shyness’ phenomenon found in FRIM forest (Canopy Tree: Shorea resinosa @ Meranti belang)

Children will also have the opportunity to identify accurate animals and plants that inhabit each layer of our very own Malaysian rainforest, despite not being able to camp outdoor temporarily.

MNS is also encouraging a parent of each child to attend the classes together as complementary adult observers.

Parents will find the class ‘value for money’, as the RM89.00 nett will cover a total amount of 240-minutes of live lectures (through four webinar series), and the class will be extended beyond - through another 7 days of facilitated activities via Google Classroom e-learning platform.

In there, the kids will be able to recap the lectures via presentation notes, quizzes, tasks and discussion with MNS professional environmental educators.

The tasks will also empower the children to self-discover and investigate their own home and to get to know their ‘neighbours’ (neighbouring animals and plants), in addition to sharpening their curiosity and communication skills.

For more infomation, kindly log on to MNS Nature Education Centre Facebook and Instagram or visit website Alternatively, MNS Educators are contactable via e-mail: [email protected] or call Ms. Zalikha or Miss Shahirah at tel: +603 2287 9422.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) educators, Ms. Zalikha Zahar, in action, interacting with students, delivering a session of "Natural Classroom"