WeTV iflix ushers in a new dawn in Southeast Asia’s content universe
Published:  Sep 1, 2020 6:31 AM
Updated: 6:31 AM

WeTV iflix, an offering of Tencent Video’s overseas streaming service, sees the creation of a premier video-on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) local content provider in Southeast Asia. Viewers can download or stream an expanded catalogue of international, local and original high-quality content by logging on to the twinned app via WeTV or iflix on Google Play or the App store, for free and “zero-barrier” subscription.

Bringing to life the motto of “Always more for you”, WeTV iflix will continue to strengthen its local content strategy with a clear focus on first-run local movies and a bold slate of original programming.

Its existing portfolio of award-winning, hyper-local originals, movies and micro-movies, short film contests, and TV shows, will see the addition of WeTV Branded Channel, providing subscribers with a new dimension to existing offerings. Aside to Malaysia-based titles, this includes a suite of premium original Chinese, Korean, Thai and also Indonesian content, further enhancing the platform’s broad-based appeal and culturally rich productions.

“Through the integration of technology, talent and resources, WeTV iflix can provide an effective ecosystem to accelerate go-to-market and commercialisation capabilities. This synergy opens a new world of possibilities by availing WeTV iflix streaming infrastructure and devices at scale to Asian film and television, production houses, studios, writers, actors, post-production facilities and content distributors. This ecosystem additionally empowers industry players in Southeast Asia to capitalise on the significant audience shift to VOD and OTT and, increased digitalisation among creators,” said Aik Kuang Heng, WeTV iflix Malaysia’s Country Manager.

Digitalisation has no doubt established an environment for content creators to grow, and further experiment using new technologies, formats and delivery mechanisms or platforms. Coupled with the widespread adoption of digital technologies, user-generated, smart content from a generation of savvy creative producers, local creators are increasingly empowered to produce vibrant and engaging content of their own.

Added Heng, “WeTV iflix is uniquely positioned to create a positive difference within the content production ecosystem. We aim to bring to life ideas and stories inspired by local culture, folklore, history, unique pop culture and trends. All this speaks to our content strategy. After all, our entrepreneurial culture is centred around a commitment to localisation and unwavering support of home-grown talent - creating impactful, locally relevant content that has commercial, yet familiar appeal.”

Evidenced by iflix’s experience with original programming, demand for original content as an alternative to Western programming is experiencing a remarkable rise. On the back of such demand, fans of the KL Gangster Underworld can look forward to Season 2 premiering in Q4 2020.

“In the longer term, we aim to introduce more content systematically and leverage the expertise of WeTV in the production of premium original, local content, backed by a deep understanding of the markets we operate in – a reflection of our “proudly local” approach,” Heng reiterated.

WeTV iflix is currently available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other markets in Asia. The site also serves as a digital hosting and distribution platform for Western, Asian Regional and Local TV shows and movies obtained through partnerships with studios and content distributors globally.

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