The value of being a data-driven organization

Modified 5 Nov 2020, 6:58 am

In recent years, more and more companies are recognizing the value of data in running a business. The consumption rate of cloud adoption has increased steadily over the past few years, solidifying the fact that organizations are referencing data in daily operations.

According to Right Scale's annual State of the Cloud Report for 2019, 91% of businesses used public cloud, an indication that public cloud adoption is on the rise in business.

As such, TimeTec Group and the Selangor State government are taking the initiative to introduce PRODUTK, Program Digitalisasi Urus Tadbir Tenaga Kerja to all eligible small-medium enterprises in the golden state. This program offers all participants cloud-based Smart Attendance Solution, TimeTec TA,, free for three months. With TimeTec TA, companies can track, record and process all employee's attendance data for operation, payroll, and overall workforce management. TimeTec TA comes with a web platform and a dedicated App which companies can fully utilize without any charges for a period of three months to gauge the efficacy of this smart attendance for their organization.

How does PRODUTK offer companies in this digitalization journey?

Improved Decision-Making Process

It is imperative for organizations to make informed decisions at all times to reduce any impending business risks. TimeTec TA offers companies a digital tool to manage tardiness, overtime, scheduling, shifts, absences and more. A company should know the number of wasted work hours it suffers every month and exactly how much loss it incurs. A company should also ensure that all overtime hours taken by employees are sanctioned. It should have a clear idea how to utilize its workforce optimally, and that if there is any waste, it has been dealt with effectively. If an organization still does not have firm answers to those questions, TimeTec TA can provide them confidently.

TimeTec TA is loaded with features to record attendance of staff via smartphones through GPS, Wifi and beacon. Companies also can opt for biometrics on-premise and Web clock in on a static PC. From all the gathered attendance data, companies are presented with wholesome data that tell the whole story.

Improved Organization Agility

TimeTec TA is a flexible timekeeping system where a company can set the system to match its requirements. It offers 999 work schedules, up to 14 clocking columns, and 38 report types to choose from. On top, the solution can provide the company with the location of the field staff when they use GPS clocking on their smartphone. The staff can take a photo of the site and send it to the company along with their attendance data for better reporting.

According to Ms Nur Farhana Sukor, HR Admin and Account Manager of ANF Global Resources, a construction based company, TimeTec TA helps to improve process operation whereby staff can clock in anywhere via the App and they don’t have to stop by the office first for attendance. Not only that, TimeTec TA is also equipped with a distance calculator that gathers data based on Google Map calculation, and the company can use the data for more accurate mileage claim purposes.

Improved Efficiency & Effectiveness

Digitalization transformation aims to improve process operation to make it more efficient and effective. TimeTec TA improves operation in so many ways, amongst others it eradicates the manual process of keying in of attendance into a system for payroll purposes, it automates schedule management, and it simplifies monitoring process. Besides, TimeTec TA is readily integrated with six payroll solutions, namely Sage UBS, Wincom, Kakitangan, HR2000, SQL and InfiniPay.

PRODUTK by TimeTec Group and the Selangor State Govt provides SME with an experience of how digitalization can benefit a company. The free three months is an ample duration for users to decide on the value of data in operation. PRODUTK is open to all eligible Selangor SME until 31 December 2020. Those who sign up with PRODUTK will receive a period of 3 month free unlimited licenses from the date of sign up. To participate, go to to sign up.

About TimeTec TA, Smart Attendance

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based timekeeping system complete with comprehensive features that incorporate employees' daily attendance and time management issues that are directly correlated with payroll and other operating costs. SMEs can use TimeTec TA to help them improve efficiency, reduce operating cost, enhance productivity and grow revenue. TimeTec TA is available on 2 platforms, Web and App. TimeTec TA web can be accessed through any web browsers for admins to do the settings of various features, schedules and reports, and the App is for the users to clock attendance and for the admin to view some features available such as monitoring, attendance data, and a few reports. Staff scheduling has been a tedious task for companies, and TimeTec TA offers process improvement and automation with a choice of 999 schedules online. All managers have to do is to set the schedules once and use them all year long.

TimeTec TA solution has been in the market around 8 years with a string of renowned clients such as QSR Brands, Central Sugars Refinery CSR, Sunway Constructions, Mamee, Yakult, Adabi, and many more. The versatility and feasibility of the product also attract various international customers from all over the world including from Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Qatar, South Africa etc. that are using TimeTec TA as their workforce digitalization tool. Watch our video at: