Jabatan Bomba Negeri Selangor switches to Smart Attendance with TimeTec TA


Dynamic workforce requires a dynamic system; and to achieve improved efficiency in operation, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Selangor had made a switch from the conventional punch card system attendance to a combination of FingerTec fingerprint biometrics and TimeTec TA Smart Attendance system.

Starting October 2020, Bomba Selangor equipped its headquarters and 36 of its branches in the state of Selangor with FingerTec TA100C, and each staff is furnished with TimeTec Mobile App installed on their smartphones for the on-the-go clocking.

The FingerTec fingerprint devices that are mainly installed at the premises are to ensure the authenticity and honesty of clocking data through biometrics verification, while TimeTec App on a smartphone is to cater to clocking attendance of firefighters and officers who are working on the field around Selangor. All clocking data collected from the devices are available on the web platform for the administrator to process.

“TimeTec TA is a great solution replacement for any punch card system. For one, companies cannot afford to waste the workforce doing menial tasks. The increase in operation cost nudges people to consider Digitalization. And for an organization like Bomba, they definitely need to know the whereabouts of their staff in real-time, to manage the schedule and to ensure that officers are available to respond during emergencies,” said Izhar Haji Ismail, Managing Director of Tech Central Solutions, TimeTec Reseller that installed the system in Bomba.

The automation of timekeeping data in TimeTec TA frees the admin from managing human errors and time discrepancies. All the data are readily-available for processing. “By using TimeTec TA, the work schedules are easily accessed and edited, and most importantly, supervisors at each branch can access to the system for a more effective shift planning. When any amendments are made, staff will receive a notification straight to the App instantly. That’s the effectiveness the client demands”, Izhar added. TimeTec TA offers companies with 999 schedules, 14 clocking columns and 38 reports to choose from. The tool on the smartphone holds employees responsible for their own data and ultimately improves workforce productivity and engagement.

“Digitalization of workforce data with TimeTec TA is straightforward. It requires less Capex without server installation, and its implementation and adoption are easy,” according to Syed Firdaus Syed Fuzi, Assistant Manager in Smart Workforce Division of TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. Having the right tool to monitor the attendance of employees, now Bomba can start focusing on what matters, savings lives and making every day better for the people.

TimeTec TA is available FREE for 3 months for all qualified SMEs in Selangor through PRODUTK, Program Digitalisasi Urus Tadbir Tenaga Kerja, a collaboration effort between the Group and the Selangor State Govt. PRODUTK provides the SME with a hands-on experience of how digitalization can benefit a company. PRODUTK is open to all eligible Selangor SME until 31 December 2020. Those who sign up with PRODUTK will receive a period of 3 month free unlimited licenses from the date of sign up. To participate, go to to sign up.

About TimeTec TA, Smart Attendance

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based timekeeping system complete with comprehensive features that incorporate employees' daily attendance and time management issues that are directly correlated with payroll and other operating costs. SMEs can use TimeTec TA to help them improve efficiency, reduce operating cost, enhance productivity and grow revenue. TimeTec TA is available on 2 platforms, Web and App. TimeTec TA web can be accessed through any web browsers for admins to do the settings of various features, schedules and reports, and the App is for the users to clock attendance and for the admin to view some features available such as monitoring, attendance data, and a few reports. Staff scheduling has been a tedious task for companies, and TimeTec TA offers process improvement and automation with a choice of 999 schedules online. All managers have to do is to set the schedules once and use them all year long.

TimeTec TA solution has been in the market around 8 years with a string of renowned clients such as QSR Brands, Central Sugars Refinery CSR, Sunway Constructions, Mamee, Yakult, Adabi, and many more. The versatility and feasibility of the product also attract various international customers from all over the world including from Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Qatar, South Africa etc. that are using TimeTec TA as their workforce digitalization tool. Watch our video at: