Keeping field staff in line with GPS technology in TimeTec TA


Having employees who work in different locations pose quite a challenge for a company. It is not only hard to determine the whereabouts of the staff, but it also difficult for a company to manage production processes, sales performance, strategy, communication, and at the same time trying to keep the team motivated, engaged and improving. Therefore, a closer look at how technology can accommodate is crucial to tend to this problem. GPS technology on a smartphone is a viable solution to track employees, and TimeTec TA offers the feature on its mobile application.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based smart attendance solution that provides GPS tracking on its mobile App. By having the App at their disposal, field staff no longer need to worry about reporting to the office to clock-in for work or when they are done with the day.

The GPS tracking in timekeeping software is essential, as it will allow the company to 'see' where the teams are at all times, and to monitor your workers' performance and interactions.

With GPS feature, TimeTec TA App can do the following:

  • Eases collection of attendance data for those working in office, on field, including those who work from home

  • Field staff can send remarks to their superior updating the progress of their work

  • Attendance data is available in real-time, easy for supervisor/management to monitor the staff

  • Attendance data via GPS clock is accurate and will be automatically synced to the software for other purposes

  • Contact tracing of staff whereabouts in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19

  • Incorporate the data in mileage claim for a more accurate claim assessment

GPS is a sought-after feature for many organizations, large and small. The latest company that finds GPS tracking appealing is TNB Fuel Services Sdn. Bhd. The business nature of TNB Fuel requires a majority of the staff to be on the field, and the change to TimeTec TA has simplified workforce management for TNB Fuel, as now the Human Resources and team leaders know the location of all its staff.

Good news, TimeTec TA is now available for FREE for 3 months for all SMEs in Selangor through PRODUTK, Program Digitalisasi Urus Tadbir Tenaga Kerja. This is a collaboration project between TimeTec and the Selangor State Govt. PRODUTK provides the SME with a hands-on experience of how digitalization can benefit a company. It is open to all eligible Selangor SME until 31 December 2020. To participate, go to to sign up and you can use the GPS feature in the App soon.

If your business needs to track your employees, contact us for a demo without any obligation. Contact Mr Syed Firdaus Syed Fuzi at [email protected] for an appointment. Visit TimeTec TA at

About TimeTec Group

TimeTec Group ventured into the revolutionary biometrics technology at the beginning of the new millennium with specialization in workforce time & attendance and office door access system. Having established a strong biometrics brand worldwide via FingerTec, TimeTec Group explores the next big thing in technology; Cloud, IoT and AI. Starting in 2014, the Company has been introducing a variety of cloud solutions for a diverse range of industries around the world. TimeTec is a trusted brand for workforce management, security, smart office, smart residential and smart township solutions. With a vast knowledge of the industries and expertise in advanced technology, TimeTec pledges to deliver solutions that fulfil the demands of tomorrow.

TimeTec solutions have been in the market around 8 years with a string of renowned clients such as QSR Brands, Central Sugars Refinery CSR, Sunway Constructions, Mamee, Yakult, Adabi, and many more. The versatility and feasibility of the product also attract various international customers from all over the world including from Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Qatar, South Africa etc. to use TimeTec as their workforce digitalization tool.