Nicholas Actuarial Solutions raising capital through equity crowdfunding

Modified 7 Dec 2020, 8:35 am

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Nicholas Actuarial Solutions Sdn Bhd, the top actuarial firm in Asia, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise up to MYR 10 million. This equity crowdfunding campaign will be conducted via pitchIN, a leading equity crowdfunding platform. The equity crowdfunding campaign goes pre-live on 24th November 2020 where reservations for investment begin.

According to Nicholas Yeo, Founder & Actuary of Nicholas Actuarial Solutions, this equity crowdfunding campaign is one of the initial steps to turn the company into the largest global professional service and technology firm for the insurance industry.

“Currently our company is valued at MYR 20 million pre-funding. We look forward to raising up to MYR 10 million from this campaign,” said Nicholas regarding specifics of the valuation.

“The insurance industry is faced with industry revolution 4.0. There is a need for the insurance industry to transform into a fully automated, digital industry. We have accumulated profound technical knowledge in insurance processes. We have the know-how to apply cognitive robots with artificial intelligence (AI) into insurance processes. We have a growth and a progressive mindset. We need to seize the opportunity to become the key catalyst in the digital transformation of the insurance industry through industry revolution 4.0. The market size of our business is currently $250 billion per year,” added Nicholas.

The upcoming pitching sessions will be conducted by Nicholas via Zoom on

- Tuesday 8th December 2020, 8.30pm

- Saturday 19th December 2020, 3.00pm

The Zoom link can be requested from [email protected]

Raising equity crowdfunding via pitchIN brings the added advantage of the MyCIF co-investment fund as well as tax rebates for Malaysian investors for ECF investments in 2021. Investors shall also receive various other incentives in this equity crowdfunding campaign. The investment starts at MYR 4,000 for 12,500 shares at:

pitchIN could be described as Malaysia’s national crowdfunding platform. It has recorded over MYR 100 million funds raised for over 70 companies with 5000 investors.

Nicholas Actuarial Solutions is a technology-focused actuarial firm. Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2015, it is now a leading actuarial firm in Asia with 5 offices in the region. Nicholas Actuarial Solutions is the first and only actuarial firm awarded MSC Malaysia status by the Malaysian government, a mark of world class service and achievement. In 2020, Nicholas Actuarial Solutions received the Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) accreditation from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. The QAS mark is a clear signal of Nicholas Actuarial Solutions’ commitment to the highest standards, giving both confidence to employees and a guarantee of quality to clients. In 2019, Nicholas Actuarial Solutions was awarded Top Actuarial Firm in Asia by Captive Review and shortlisted as a finalist for Risk Solution of the Year by Asia Pacific Risk Management Awards.