TimeTec Parking offers cashless and touchless system for extra safety and convenience

Modified 3 Feb 2021, 4:14 am

Parking is a matter of grave concern for commercial buildings, particularly in the digital transformation era, where besides cashless is one of the major trends, parking no longer should stay standalone, but to establish a connection with other activities.

Taking the parking solution to another level, TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd introduces TimeTec Parking, a digital transformation ready cloud-based parking system that offers all the sought-after features in one, serves as a Digital Gateway to all buildings management.

“Parking is never the sole or the main activity, parking always connects to your real purposes that follow such as shopping, working, meeting, visiting etc. A good parking experience always helps to enhance the buildings' commercial activities,” explained Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd.

“In the conventional parking system, parking is disconnecting and a standalone activity; hence the modern TimeTec Parking System is a part of the TimeTec Cloud City ecosystem to connect with other activities and add extra value to the building owners and users."

Commenting on Touch 'n Go card's recent news of removing the 10% parking surcharge and eWallet reloadable card plan, Teh welcomes the move. He said, "TimeTec as Touch 'n Go strategic partner in parking foresees that this will further promote the cashless trend, as there are 25 million active TNG cards and 15 million TNG eWallets out there."

When parking experience is concerned, touchless is another trend. Could license plate recognition (LPR) technology be the next winner? "We don't know yet, but when TNG RFID comes into the scene soon, it has the strong potential to change the landscape. Nonetheless, cloud parking management system as backends is a default in the digital transformation in which building owners can liberate the parking data for more usages and analytics," said Teh Hon Seng.

While ordinary people view parking as empty spaces for vehicles, managing parking requires complex hardware, software and human resources to ensure smooth operation all year long. Nevertheless, for parking consumers, the wishlist is relatively short; to have a cashless and touchless parking system that provides reasonable rates.

TimeTec Parking System offers a new ecosystem concept that benefits all the stakeholders. TimeTec invites parking owners and parking management companies to explore TimeTec Parking for future developments.

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