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Support for tightened MCO 3.0 and accelerated vaccination program
Published:  May 27, 2021 6:20 PM
Updated: 10:20 AM

On behalf of MSIA, the voice of the electronics industry in Malaysia, we wish to thank the Malaysian Government, in particular, MITI for taking time to discuss the challenges faced by the E&E industry and listening to our inputs to the Government.

We know how much MITI has rallied and spoken on the behalf of the industry and helping many of our member companies to mitigate total closure. MITI has been a great advocate and represented the voice of the industry during government meetings and decision-making processes.

It is important to note that the E&E industry in Malaysia, particularly the semiconductor ecosystem, has critical cross-industry linkages and applications. The supply chain of this industry is highly integrated, be it within its own industry or with other industries, locally and worldwide. In 2020, the contribution of the E&E industry to this nation is significant, accounting for 6.8% of its GDP and 39% of its total exports and employing 575,000 people. The E&E industry topped the approved investments in the manufacturing sector last year. In March 2021, Malaysian export grew 31% (year on year) mainly driven by the E&E industry.

Furthermore, the semiconductor industry is an essential industry and the world is facing an acute shortage impacting the automotive industry, medical equipment and other electronics products. MSIA is grateful that the Malaysian Government have taken our inputs into account and decided not to have a total lockdown and allowed 60% of the workforce to work. This will ensure that the semiconductor and E&E supply chain will not be severely impacted. MSIA would also like to thank the Prime Minister for this courageous decision.

MSIA strongly support the country’s goal to flatten the curve on the rise of the Covid-19 cases in the country. Many companies are already playing their part to perform 100% testing to identify Covid-19 carriers, contact tracing and quarantine those affected. This is followed by sample testing. The companies are committed to complying with the new tightened SOPs such as 50% load in the bus, dormitory management through control of platoons and frequently reminding employees to be responsible, stay home as much as possible after work. Over the past year, the companies have spent millions of dollars to ensure compliance to SOPs and take care of the well-being of their employees. We hope the Government will accelerate the vaccination program so that the country can reach herd immunity faster.

Together, we will flatten the curve and prepare the economy for a strong rebound.

Dato’ Seri Wong Siew Hai

President of Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA)

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About MSIA

Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA) is the collective voice of the whole electronics industry association that was established in January 2021. MSIA membership includes individuals and companies incorporated in Malaysia who are involved directly or related to the semiconductor industry (Electronics & Systems and automation), its supply chain, institutions providing significantly related services to the semiconductor industry such as engineering, finance, legal, etc.

This content is provided by Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association.

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