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Blind couple found new livelihood on Shopee following closure of restaurant
Published:  Jun 10, 2021 3:04 PM
Updated: 8:36 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: A blind couple who lost their source of income following the closure of a restaurant they worked at two months ago found new hope selling food and fitness products on Shopee.

Yusri Azis and his wife Nur Jannah Tan Jia Hui set up their Shopee store, Yus Bisnes, with the help of fellow Universiti Malaya coursemate Fa Phong in the first week of June 2021.

Upon setting up the Shopee store, the couple took to Facebook to promote their store.

A kind netizen on Twitter @NizamArif_ then stumbled upon the post shared by Yusri and put out a tweet of his own rallying for Malaysians to support the couple by purchasing from Yusri’ Shopee store.

The tweet was reshared over 11,000 times and he sold close to RM600 worth of products within 24 hours.

According to Yusri's Facebook post on 8 June, he has successfully sold 1,000 packets of his sambal hitam. At a selling price of RM10 per pack, Yusri has generated a revenue of over RM10,000 in a week! Talk about the power of the internet!

Malaysians who had bought the Sambal Hitam Pahang from the blind couple said that the product was delicious and urged fellow Malaysians to support the business.

Twitter user @dzxrrxh said, “Sambal hitam brand ni memang sedap gila tak tipuuuuu!!!!” (Translation: This brand of sambal hitam is crazy good. Not lying!!!!).

Another Twitter user @hakeemhaikal123 said “Allah sedih nya...kta ramai2 lh membantu aamiin” (Translation: Sad. Let's help them together).

Thankful for the support he had received thus far, Yusri also made a video tutorial on how the blind can sell on Shopee using an Android phone supported by an app called TalkBack.

The video tutorial was shared on Shopee’s Sellers Facebook Group, Shopee Uni.

“We created the Shopee Uni Facebook Page all those years back to encourage a community of sellers to learn from and share their knowledge. It is amazing to witness other sellers stepping forward and guiding Yusri on improving his sales and seeing Yusri immediately sharing his knowledge of utilising Shopee to salvage his loss of income despite his physical challenges. Yusri’s story is an example of how we are making e-commerce accessible to everyone,” said Zed Li, Shopee’s Head of Seller Management.

He added that Shopee also organises an average of 50 online classes per month to train sellers on topics such as basic online selling techniques, marketing, handling logistics and customer service online etc through its free Shopee University seller workshop to enable sellers to optimise their sales on the platform.

UPDATE: The seller Yusri updated that he has successfully sold 1,000 of the sambal hitam.

Visit Shopee and support local sellers like Yusri.

This content is provided by Shopee.

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