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E-Nation continues to thrive for a better tomorrow in Series 2: People, Planet, Profit - The Art of Balance
Published:  Jun 14, 2021 5:45 AM
Updated: 5:45 AM

E-Nation 2021 launched on the 31st of March, brings together innovative minds with a common purpose, to convert impact driven concepts into actions, to shake up the status quo, and to enrich societies through positive and innovative discussions. This community of inspiring individuals embodies the ideals of thought leadership, ingenuity and adaptivity, exchanging their ideas and insights to inspire and empower others.

The 2021 conference is an intellectual powerhouse with a selection of brilliant minds made up of technology policymakers, innovators, technologists, and world-renowned Nobel Peace Prize recipients that resonates with this year’s theme: Future-Fast: Thriving for a Better Tomorrow.

Series 1: Innovative Leadership by Design was held earlier in March and engaged with passionate and innovative speakers of strong societal leadership to motivate, lead and inspire that drives positive social impact.

E-Nation Series 2 Speaker Line Up | 24 June 2021

Now, sustainable businesses are more resilient in the future and more likely to become tomorrow’s leaders. As the name of this series suggests, it will go into finding the perfect balance between making profit and preserving the plant and caring for its people. This conference will include 10 speakers attending to develop a sustainable innovation-driven entrepreneurship ecosystem for the nation who will touch on ‘Green Competitiveness’, ‘Leveraging on Emerging Tech for Social Innovation’ and more. Some of these speakers include:

  1. Etienne Kechichian, World Bank Representative
  2. Kasturi Nathan, Head of Governance & Sustainability, KPMG

  3. Vinie Chong, CFO Cenergi

  4. Umar Munshi, Co-Founder, Ethis

  5. Mohamed Rozani Bin Mohamed Osman, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at The World Bank

  6. Prof Chris Marquis, SC Johnson Professor in Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University

  7. Nick Earle, Former Senior Vice President, Virgin Hyperloop One

  8. Girish Ramachandran, Executive Director, 27 Advisory

  9. Maayke-Aimee Damen, Co-founder, Excess Materials Exchange and Expert on Sustainability through a circular Economy

  10. Melisa Idris, Assistant Vice President, Astro Awani (Moderator)

Since 2019, E-Nation has gathered more than 7,900 participants, ranging from entrepreneurs to impact investors, thought leaders to academicians, even policymakers to government agencies.

The conference connects powerful like minded individuals all across the globe. The E-Nation Series hopes to be a platform that allows everyone to collaborate, network, and come together building meaningful relationships and creating greater impact.

This year, E-Nation will include three series and one main conference:

Series 1: Innovative Leadership by Design
Series 2: People, Planet, Profit - The Art of Balance
Series 3: Tech for Good
E-Nation Conference: Future Fast: Thriving for a Better Tomorrow

In this second series, the topic of Green Competitiveness will be explored. Etienne Kechichian, Senior Private Sector Specialist, from The World Bank will present on this topic for 30 minutes. This will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session that is moderated by Kasturi Nathan, Head of Governance & Sustainability, from KPMG. The World Bank Group helps governments and industries maximize green growth along supply chains, enhance competitiveness, and minimize negative effects on climate change. It does this by promoting innovation, enabling better use of resources, and supporting more efficient management of waste.

In Tech for Good (Capsule 2), it discusses that while technology has had several less-than-desired impacts on society, it is an imperative enabler in creating positive impact overall. Vinie Chong Pui Ling, Group CFO of Cenergi SEA, Puan Mastura, Principal Researcher of MIGHT, and Umar Munshi, Co-Founder of Ethis will share how these startups across the region use technology to improve the wellbeing of their beneficiaries and do good for the society. This will be moderated by Mohamed Rozani Bin Mohamed Osman, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at The World Bank.

In this part of the series, Leveraging on Emerging Tech for Social Innovation, considers the importance of having a clear vision of where the company is going. Innovation can manifest itself in multiple ways, whether in a technology change that determines the products and services you deliver, or a business model change that defines the value you deliver. This section will talk about how companies must determine the types of innovation they need - incremental, breakthrough, or radical - with Prof Chris Marquis, SC Johnson Professor in Sustainable Global Enterprise from Cornell University and moderated by Thomas Ng, Founder and CEO of Genashtim.

‘Sustainable Wellbeing: A Focus on Children's Development’ deals with how improving children's livelihood impacts the people, the planet and profit. The best contribution to leave to future generations is to ensure a safe, healthy, happy, educated and able generation of future youth. Join Teacher Samuel Isaiah, Top 10 Finalist for the 2020 Global Teacher Prize, Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, Founder-CEO of SOLS 24/7, and Dato Dr Hartini, Founder of Yayasan Chow Kit as they bring to light how as leaders of tomorrow, children’s ability to protect the future for us all depends on what they do to secure their rights today. Moderating this section is Nik Adina Taty Nik Zainin, Co-Founder of Zer0Hunger.

With speeds 23 times faster than high speed rail and on demand experience, Hyperloop can reduce a 500 km (300 mile) commute to under 30 minutes smashing today’s traditional commuting boundaries. Nick Earle, Former Senior Vice President of Virgin Hyperloop One, will go into how Hyperloop can dramatically alter the way the world moves, in ‘Radically Sustainable Mass Transportation with Hyperloop Moderated In-Conversation’ moderated by Girish Ramachandran, Executive Director of 27 Advisory.

Since its inception in 2014, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) has provided its community of start-ups, investors, and ecosystem players with capacity building programmes and funding opportunities that impacted more than 100,000 aspiring entrepreneurs with an overall value creation of RM1.9 billion.

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