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SmartPools® Proves To Be a Game Changer During the Pandemic Lockdowns
Published:  Aug 2, 2021 4:51 AM
Updated: Aug 5, 2021 2:28 AM

Since 2007, thousands of SmartPools® residential owners around the world have utilized its impressive functionality for a variety of health benefits. Swimming pools have indeed caught the fancy of homeowners as they cocoon at home to escape the coronavirus pandemic. “We have seen a surge in customer orders during the lockdowns as swimming pools provide homeowners with the perfect health escape from the uncertain, scary outside world,” says Maria Cherk, Director Strategy for SmartPools Sdn Bhd.

The SmartPool® has indeed become the toast of global celebrities, fitness enthusiasts and everyday homeowners for precisely these reasons. The multi-functional and versatile SmartPool® caters to children, the elderly and everyone in between.

SmartPools LAPS® system is a volume-driven water propulsion system as compared to pressure-driven systems (conventional jacuzzi’s). Water in the pool moves as a river does, at over 30,000 litres per minute. As a result, the swimmer strokes in one place moving against an even current and gets a concentrated workout. Swimming, hydrotherapy, and water aerobics, provide a variety of documented health benefits including boosting immunity, stress control, better sleep, and enhanced blood circulation.

SmartPools® International, part of the Malaysia headquartered Ascenteus Holdings group has emerged as an industry leading swimming pool builder-contractor in Asia serving homeowners, hospitals, wellness centers as well as top property developers. Its Advanced Marine Grade Composite (AMGC) structure is a revolutionary technology that combines the flexibility of fiber glass swimming pools with the strength and durability of stainless steel. This proprietary combination has proven to be a dream come true for pool owners as it lasts and lasts beyond decades. Since the SmartPool® has been designed for maximum convenience, installation and maintenance becomes a breeze. It's attractive and affordable pricing also being a key factor influencing the purchasing decision.

The SmartPool® has won a slew of international awards for its robust, lightweight, all-weather proof, high-quality design. For instance, Arena Debut measuring 15 ft x 8ft is capable of supporting a fluid weight of over 10,000 kg, while the dry weight of the structure itself is less than 500 kg (Inflatable or Intex pools are lighter but don’t last that long). “The SmartPool is almost 20 times lighter than concrete pools while holding the same amount of water. A true game-changer as this allows for a fully above ground, or in-ground finish. Perhaps this is the reason that the SmartPool has been awarded the prestigious Green Certification, an accolade no other pool product anywhere in the world has acquired” says Faizan Khan, Executive Director of SmartPools Sdn Bhd.

The SmartPool® enables homeowners to enjoy an amazing two in one workout providing both Cardiovascular and Resistance training. SmartPools® as a river therapy pool allows people of all ages, from beginners to professionals, grannies to toddlers and everyone else in between to have a satisfying natural swimming experience. 30,000 litres of RiverTherapy™ enables users to experience the healing power of moving water first-hand.

As the pandemic lockdowns wear on, swimming pools and hydrotherapy promise to be a healthy and exciting homecoming for residential owners. The versatile SmartPool® makes it all possible.


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