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Muslim digital matchmaking platform Baituljannah recorded over 85% increase in registered users during Malaysia’s pandemic restrictions
Published:  Sep 3, 2021 7:31 PM
Updated: 11:43 AM

Baituljannah, one of Malaysia’s top Muslim digital matchmaking platform is pleased to announce record-breaking key metrics and data from their platform today, reporting a staggering 85 percent increase in the number of users, with almost 1 million Muslim singles registered on its platform compared to roughly 500,000 users in June last year.

Finding partners online is no longer a foreign concept for most. However, for Muslim singles looking for a potential life partner, the rise of Muslim-friendly dating and matchmaking platforms are providing them with an alternative to conventional dating and matchmaking platforms. This allows them to find a potential life partner in a safe and Halal (permissible in Islam) way.

Among the platforms available in this growing market is Baituljannah, an industry leader since its inception in 2017. With its Sharia-friendly features, tight security and safety measures in place, Baituljannah is able to effectively prevent instances of unwanted interactions such as catfishing and scams to safeguard Muslim singles when they socialise virtually.

Founded by Wan Hasifi Amin Wan Zaidon, a Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia entrepreneur with two of his co-founders, Muhammad Azrain Kamaruddin and Wan Nuradila Huda Wan Zaidon, Baituljannah is a digital matchmaking platform that matches Muslim singles based on their interests and set criteria while closely adhering to the Islamic courtship and marriage practices.

Wan Hasifi Amin who was a medical doctor by trade says, “When we first started Baituljannah, the idea was to provide a safe space for Muslim singles to connect with each other. We understand that conventional dating apps might not fulfill certain criteria required for a Muslim-friendly way to ‘taaruf’ (the process of getting to know each other well before moving on to the next step), and hence might not be suitable for Muslims. Hence, our platform aims to address these concerns, creating a healthy, wholesome and safe environment for our users.”

More than just providing a socially distanced way of finding a match

Since COVID-19 started, dating apps and websites worldwide saw a spike in the number of users, the length of conversations and even the number of in-app messages. Trapped under indefinite work-from-home policies and closures of social spaces, singles around the world are finding workarounds to fulfill their social demands, including how they meet new people.

Dedicated to providing the best matchmaking service for Muslims during this ongoing global pandemic, Baituljannah aims to help those who are willing to make a firm commitment during these socially challenging times to connect to potential partners safely and transparently.

To be able to register, applicants have to be 18 years old and above, and every applicant is manually filtered by the Baituljannah team to ensure that only serious applicants are onboarded. All exchanges on the platform are also monitored by Baituljannah, replicating how face-to-face meet-ups between some Muslims are usually chaperoned. Users are also not allowed to exchange personal information until they have communicated with each other enough to fill up a Taaruf Metre.This will unlock a form called Borang Taaruf Luar - an application form that can be filled up if one of the party wants to take their communication outside the platform. As Baituljannah can no longer help moderate their exchanges once they decide to continue their communications externally, the Taaruf Metre works to ensure that both parties are comfortable enough and have an idea of how compatible they are with each other, before exiting the platform.

“We understand that not every match will lead to marriage, but at the very least we want to ensure that everyone who is on our platform is committed to meeting a potential life partner so that the other party’s time is not wasted. More than that, we believe that finding the right match takes time and patience. Therefore, we aim to bring like-minded Muslim singles together so that they may discover a potential future together,” adds Wan Hasifi Amin.

Baituljannah uses a freemium model where sign-ups are free but some features are only accessible to premium members. Despite the high number of signups, the company continues to maintain the respect and privacy of its users.

Muhamad Azrain Kamaruddin, the co-founder and CTO of Baituljannah says, “Finding a prospective life partner is a personal journey for many, and we fully understand that. The users’ full names, phone numbers and email addresses won’t be published anywhere on our platform, and we have an anti-SEO system in place to ensure that none of the users’ private information is searchable on search engines like Google or Yahoo!”

Moving forward, Baituljannah plans to expand their service offerings to be more than just a Muslim matchmaking platforms. “We have plans to roll out more services in the near-future, a Muslim-lifestyle app for instance. Eventually, we would like Baituljannah to be a super-app that can be a companion to Muslims,” adds Azrain. They also have plans to expand to more countries in Southeast Asia by 2023.

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