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Learning 21st century skills for kids with personal human touch & fun learning method
Published:  Sep 21, 2021 3:10 PM
Updated: 7:10 AM

“Do you like Ironman or Transformers? Is it awesome that the robots can fly & transform into a car or lorry? Do you want to create your own robots, son?” ask a man to his son. Do you know that the future of the world is about robots, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things & so other related stuff related to Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0). Data from World Economic Forum (WEF in 2018), robots & automation will replace human routine jobs by more than 50%. What will be our children’s jobs? Is it going to be disrupted or your child will be the disturber? These are the questions I asked when I wanted to start this journey.

The journey of Jazro Technology started when I wanted to teach my son to learn about robotics & coding knowledge. Where can we learn robotics & coding class in Terengganu area? During my study time, I was the representative for Malaysia to compete in Eurobots (Europe Robotics Competition) in Germany & France. Having a mechanical engineering background helps me to learn about machinery, structure & algorithm. Getting along with my Electronics Engineering friends teaches me a lot about coding & electronics components (sensors, motors, power supply, etc). Besides, I also participated in Robocon (IPT Level for Robotics Competition in Malaysia). That is where I learn about the world of robotics & the potential of it, it is a very huge market where we can explore to help us in our day-to-day job. The basics of robotics & coding are STEM education, which are science, technology, engineering & mathematics.

Jazro Technology is a robotics education company that aims to ‘Develop Digital Talents’ in STEM education fields with specially curated content for students to learn, discover and explore robotics & coding via fun learning methods, in line with IR4.0 future career opportunities and needs. We emphasize ‘Personal Human Touch’ so that the students can happily learn coding the easiest way. Our full-hearted & friendly robotics tutor will monitor each student & they will be assessed via quizzes, assessment & weekly homework. Parents can monitor their children's performance using our e-learning platform where we publish individual report cards. We curated 50 weeks of virtual learning for students aged 5-17 years old to learn about robotics & coding without having to have a physical robot in hand. Students from all over the place with basic internet access can learn & enrol in our weekly robotics class. We provide a free trial session for the children to get the feel & environment of our awesome robotics class. Worth mentioning, our robotics class does not force parents to buy a starter package of robot kits as you learn robots without having a physical robot in hand, seriously! The students will get the same capabilities at the end of the class, where they will learn about computational thinking, creative & critical thinking.

Our dedicated teacher explaining to the students

Our conducive robotics academy environment

Starting early this year (January 2021), we have embarked on a comprehensive robotics e-learning platform where all our students as we called them Jazarian can learn & do their assessment via this platform. They will be provided with their individual performance dashboard where the parents can see their report card & gauge their kids’ performance throughout our robotics & coding class. As part of our exciting journey, we have been selected to be part of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Virtual Global Accelerator Program (GAP) Cohort 05 from June-August 2021. The 3-month program had made us even better at monitoring our company’s key metrics, better at calculating our company valuation, doing pitching presentations and projecting our financial roadmap. Besides, we are very lucky to do networking with other participants in the program such as from Indonesia, Korea, Singapore & Malaysia itself.

During demo day, we were very nervous & excited to present our final pitching to the future investors & guests during the session. We were very happy to graduate from the programs even though it was done virtually. The best thing about GAP Cohort 05 is that we’ve learned from the expert, where we can speed up our learning curve to achieve our goals in the future.

Learning online & virtually is fun

Happy story & feedback from parents

Jazro Technology is an official Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) Digital Maker Hub (DMH) in Terengganu. We are proud to announce that we have taught more than 1000 students since 2019 to learn about robotics & coding in this region. During the pandemic, we can reach more students virtually, especially in the East Malaysia area where the robotics centre or learning centre is quite limited.

Let’s help to spread the word of positivity to other people that learning coding or programming is so easy, you can learn it in your house. In fact, you can control a robot in Terengganu using your phone at home using Internet Of Things (IOT) technology. We hope to serve many students to learn about this, gain more knowledge & experience in learning STEM education in the IR4.0 era. The world is very challenging in front of us, be prepared & learn coding today.

Students in our robotics academy

This content is provided by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

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