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CALTRiX steers SMEs towards Digital Transformation by staying Connected to Cloud Accounting
Published:  Oct 18, 2021 12:27 PM
Updated: 4:27 AM

The world has shifted its course from the physicality of work to the technicality of adjustment ever since the pandemic hit in 2020. The shift in norms has forced a difficult choice to adjust business activities and processes. With many struggling afar, Alfred Ang, Founder & CEO of CALTRiX, has helped pave a way for business owners to swerve from worry when it comes to managing their business accounts and processes by a simple method of connecting to the cloud. Alfred was confident and optimistic in helping SMEs maximize the use of accounting information that is within their fingertips, all with a simple Cloud Accounting Software named Xero. 

It Starts from Zero with XERO

In his previous years of adventure and entrepreneurial journey, Alfred was a desktop/offline accounting software distributor in Malaysia back in 2015 before he was introduced to an accounting software that reached for the clouds, Xero. The Cloud Accounting Software was among favourites when the tool made its way during the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia.

“We have led more than 500 Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia to adopt digitalization towards accounting software during the GST implementation period.” Alfred mentions. Knowing the importance of accounting numbers to business owners, he’s never been more hopeful to help SMEs all around. “I have been keeping myself updated with information about cloud accounting because I genuinely believe that SMEs will benefit from the true values of real-time financial information to make accurate business decisions towards growth.” 

Cloud Accounting Evangelist - A true believer of Cloud Accounting

“I have humbly started CALTRiX alone from scratch in January 2018 to promote Cloud Accounting for SMEs, and Xero was our first choice to evangelise with. The journey of being a cloud accounting evangelist was, and is, not easy because of the vast majority of SMEs in Malaysia that are using desktop/offline accounting software for their accounting operations.” Alfred shares.

The solopreneur had persistence in practice, and it was all to bring people to the greener side of the grass through a transformation that would soon bring enhancement to the way the business is run. The road was tough, but Alfred was tougher. His true sense of belief in the works of Cloud Accounting had grown to what is now being an ideal Cloud Accounting Software for most SMEs in Malaysia. Having brought along many SMEs to adopt the Cloud Accounting Software, Alfred had also brought CALTRiX to achieve the status of being Xero’s Gold Partner in early 2021. 

No longer a dream, but now a proven method to work remotely

Working remotely is no longer a strange thing to many working adults, what more to Alfred who has been one of the pioneers in adopting Cloud Accounting in Malaysia. He has built CALTRiX by incorporating as many digital tools as possible, and it has all worked together to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their internal operations. The adoption of Google Workspace and Zoom in early 2020 was vast, and Alfred used just the tools to support their operations when considering the storage of client’s confidential data.

The CALTRiX team has been working from home since March 2020, and this transition has since helped enhance the quality service being offered to their clients, through internal improved productivity and effective communications.

“One of our proudest moments was when we decided to move our operations to the digital space even before the first announcement of Movement Control Order (MCO) by the Malaysian government. Only 2 hours was used to discuss how we were going to continue our operations remotely.”

The Power of Integration

“Back in 2018, we started using Xero without any integration, which I think accounting processes are still rather a manual approach. Therefore, till today we are continuously evaluating our clients and streamlining the accounting processes through integrations with existing software, or we would recommend our clients to adopt a new cloud software which would be a much more suitable tool for their processes.” Alfred explains. He shares that Xero supports integrations such as Hubdoc and Xero Expenses, which could be immediately incorporated into their clients’ accounting processes from their start of adopting Xero.

“Cloud Accounting Software aside, we are also the first partner in Malaysia for Talenox – Cloud Payroll Software. The Cloud Payroll Software is a tool that even we, CALTRiX, incorporate into our daily operations hence, we are more than confident to help our clients digitize their payroll processes.“

Clarity – digitalization roadmap for our clients

With digitalization still being foreign to most people, Alfred takes it step by step before any implementation. “The very first thing we do for each client is to evaluate their business nature and processes thoroughly, getting them to be well prepared to hop on board the digitalization. We believe that cloud accounting adoption for SMEs is not going to be successful if they are uncertain and unclear about what they are getting into in the first place. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to provide clarity through brainstorming sessions to ensure Xero adoption is a SUCCESS and to not just use Xero as a standalone software in which a lot of redundant and manual tasks would still exist.” With the help of an experienced company like CALTRiX, implementing Xero Cloud Accounting Software will help businesses improve their operations and processes more efficiently.

“Cloud Accounting digitalization is a marathon, it is not just a 100-meter sprint with your best speed.” Alfred shares his piece of thought.

The huge growth of Xero partners in Malaysia has since forced the ecosystem of cloud accounting to have continuous growth, where business owners are now finding it easier to adopt cloud accounting. To show their continuous support to SMEs and accounting firms in Malaysia towards cloud accounting adoption, CALTRiX strives to work towards being the preferred implementation partner of cloud software available for businesses.

CALTRiX is a leading Xero Gold Partner and Xero Certified Advisor. Learn more about Xero’s features that small businesses love, and get in touch with CALTRiX at [email protected] for a 30 days free trial if you are keen to find out how you can grow your practice with Xero - Cloud Accounting Software. 

This content is provided by CALTRiX.

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