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MyIPO Grants Innov8tif Patent: Secured Method for Authenticating ID Documents
Published:  Jan 4, 2023 4:09 PM
Updated: 8:09 AM

SUBANG JAYA, 4th January 2023 – Innov8tif Solutions today announced the issuance of Patent Grant No. MY-192715-A, which relates to a method for authenticating Malaysian identification (ID) documents through the use of the plurality of digital images.

This patented technology enables users to capture images of their Malaysian ID documents using mobile devices with and without flash. Through the use of computer vision and deep learning algorithms, it performs a multitude of tasks, such as validating the document security features printed  into Malaysian ID documents, e.g. holographic images , security holograms and microprints, and more. The patent also includes the scoring system used to report on the authenticity of the document.

"This patent is a manifestation of our efforts in the combat against identity fraud within the ASEAN region. Identity fraud forms the foundation of many criminal operations, such as setting up dummy financial accounts and fraudulently obtaining SIM cards," says Tien Soon Law, Innov8tif's Chief Operating Officer.

"The technologies highlighted in the patent are some of the many tools at our disposal. We are constantly improving our research and development efforts to reduce fraud rates across the region."

This patented technology aims to prevent two main forms of falsifying identities. The first involves spoofing, where fraudsters register for online accounts using unoriginal ID documents that are printed, photocopied, or displayed on screens. This technology also detects signs of tampering and the use of fake ID cards.

Identity theft cases are increasingly prevalent in tandem with the availability of online sign-ups and transactions, including banking, e-commerce, and online payment, etc. Stolen identities sourced from the web are used to forge government-issued ID documents and open these related accounts.

This new patented technology has been implemented into Innov8tif's proprietary product, OkayDoc, which is part of the company's suite of electric know-your-customer (eKYC) products. OkayDoc is used to assist online and automated customer onboarding, including account registration and product applications in industries such as banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), local authorities and telecommunications.

Channeling both AI and low-code processes, EMAS eKYC has evolved to benefit businesses with different models to suit their business needs. With a presence across ASEAN, Innov8tif strives to expand further to share its domain-specific experience and help innovative businesses create a secure and hassle-free environment.

This content is provided by Innov8tif Solutions Sdn Bhd.