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Corporate Announcement
Stay One Step Ahead of Pests
Published:  Feb 6, 2023 9:30 AM
Updated: 1:30 AM

Most of us would probably agree that it’s very tiring to deal with persistent pests. For businesses like food processors, healthcare, etc. in particular, pests can actually be a huge problem. We’re all familiar with the conventional rodent traps and bait stations that people have been using for a couple of decades, if not centuries, such as the good old classic spring-loaded mousetrap invented and patented by William Chauncey Hooker in 1894, but is it still effective? Surely, it’s still effective for its intended purpose, but is it still effective enough to support the changing needs? At Rentokil Pest Control, we’re constantly innovating our solutions to adapt to the changing needs. We’ve enhanced the classic mousetrap by digitalising it with technology, making it an Internet of Things (“IoT”).

PestConnect is an ecosystem that captures and sends trigger alerts on rodent activities. There are currently 2 devices in the PestConnect ecosystem, namely Rat Riddance Connect (“RRC”) and Dual AutoGate Connect (“DAG”), both are designed for rodent control in your premises. RRC is a digitally connected snap trap that will send notifications to our technicians of a rodent capture. DAG on the other hand is a rodent monitoring device, it has infrared sensors to open the motorised door for bait access to targeted pests such as rodents. All rodent activities captured by RRC and DAG will be recorded in myRentokil, our online reporting portal that is accessible by our customers. It allows our customers to monitor and track pest activities 24/7 through myRentokil.

myRentokil also allows our customers to make use of rodent activity data to strategise data-driven decisions. For instance, it can identify and alert our customers of a potential pest infestation issue so that quick actions can be taken according to the recommendations given in the system. Such insight is crucial to certain sectors, such as food production manufacturers that require zero-tolerance to pests. If early signs of pest activities are not taken care of properly, it could result in catastrophic damages in terms of customer’s brand reputation and financial disruption to the company.

Last but not least, the data collected can be visualised into insights, graphs and reports, all available on myRentokil. One of the key features is the ability to identify the activity hotspots using the site plans feature. Ultimately, with Rentokil Pest Control’s digital ecosystem - PestConnect and myRentokil, we’re partnering with our customers to strengthen their Integrated Pest Management strategies further and stay one step ahead of pests.

To learn more about PestConnect, click here.

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