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MyEduID’s Zero Fake Certificate Campaign, Combating Counterfeit Credentials to Enhance Sustainable Development
Published:  Oct 24, 2023 6:49 PM
Updated: 10:49 AM

Bukit Mertajam, 24 October - The “Zero Fake Certificate” campaign initiated by MASVERSE Edutech Sdn Bhd, MyEduID, aims to promote the practice of certificate authenticity and ESG values, fostering comprehensive social sustainability development. This campaign was facilitated in response to the rampant issue of counterfeit certificates in Malaysia, starting in September this year. Its objective is to create a robust verification system, raising public awareness to curb the creation and usage of counterfeit certificates domestically.

The invited guests gathered at “Zero Fake Certificate” campaign corner to learn more about the content of ZFC.

Within just a month of its initiate, the “Zero Fake Certificate” campaign has garnered support and recognition from numerous educational and corporate institutions across Malaysia, especially in the northern region, such as SMJK Jit Sin II SPS, TAR UMT Penang Branch, School of Social Sciences USM, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, Peninsula College Georgetown, Sentral College Penang, IPK College, XueDao Education, Harfords Education, Penang Green Council, Auto-City, Penang Skills Development Centre, Peninsula Skills, TSY Consultancy PLT, Kedah Industrial Skills and Management Development Centre, HQC Commerce Sdn Bhd, Green Educators’ Workshop (GREW), Akademi Usahawan Mikro Sdn Bhd, Accelerator Resources Sdn Bhd, and Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce.

The invited authoritative figures and leaders from education sectors in Malaysia, and media members participated in the official launch of the “Zero Fake Certificate” campaign.

“Our aim is to eliminate the prevalence of fraudulent diplomas in the market, thereby safeguarding the rights of individuals, institutions and society at large, and also promotes a culture of trust, ethical conduct, and legal compliance, ultimately, benefiting everyone involved in the education and employment sectors,” Koay Seong Jiann, Chief Financial Officer of MASVERSE Sdn Bhd emphasised during the official launch of the “Zero Fake Certificate’ Campaign at Juru Auto-City yesterday.

MyEduID, an innovative solution for managing and verifying educational certifications developed using blockchain technology, offers paperless certification, convenience, traceability & accountability. It aligns with the prevailing international trend of ESG and aids Malaysia in achieving sustainable development goals, surpassing the rapidly changing employment and economic markets. This certificate boasts four significant features: secure blockchain-driven validation, prevent data tampering, greener certification, and cost-effective.

Ensuring credibility, protecting employers’ interests, preserving academic standards, and safeguarding public safety, which are the MyEduID’s essential advantages. It redefines the proper handling of educational certificates in Malaysia, offering a low-cost solution that revolutionises the storage and retrieval of certificates and transcripts. Its intuitive user interface enables users to access their certificates anytime, anywhere, streamlining the process of showcasing their qualifications to potential employers and other stakeholders.

To put it simply, “Zero Fake Certificate” campaign acts as a secure, efficient, and transparent platform that benefits all stakeholders involved in the certification and employment process. It creates a trustworthy ecosystem where issuers, receivers, job seekers, and employers can interact with confidence, ultimately improving the credibility and efficiency of credential verification in various industries.

At the event, Dato’ Seri Phee Boon Poh, former Vice Chairman of Penang Green Council, and Dato’ P’ng Soo Hong, President of Kulim Industrial Tenants Association, were invited to officiate the unveiling and lighting ceremony of the “Zero Fake Certificate” signage alongside MASVERSE CEO KK Chew, CMO Richard Koay, CFO Koay Seong Jiann, and CBO Venus Khor.

Subsequently, Richard Koay, Chief Marketing Officer of MASVERSE, provided an overview of the campaign’s concept, while Venus Khor, Chief Brand Officer of MASVERSE, guided guests through an exhibition corner dedicated to the campaign, providing further insights into the content of zero fake certificates.

Richard Koay, CMO of MASVERSE, provided an overview of the ZFC campaign’s concept to VIPs and guests.

Moreover, memoranda of understanding were signed with various major collaborative partners, including ReSkills EdTech, Penang Cultural Inheritors Society, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College, Sentral College Penang, XueDao Education, and Harfords Education. Additionally, there was a special panel talk titled “Bridging the Trust Gap: Solutions for a More Reliable Verification System”, where M Nasir SO, Co-Founder and Web 3.0 Advocate of SenangBit, Jin Tan, CEO of ReSkills EdTech, along with Venus Khor and Dato’ P’ng Soo Hong, shared their insights on the topic.

A panel talk titled “Bridging the Trust Gap: Solutions for a More Reliable Verification System” moderated by Elyssa Tai, where (from second left) M Nasir, Dato’ P’ng Soo Hong, Venus Khor and Jin Tan, shared their insights on the topic.
Signing ceremony for the memorandum of understanding between MASVERSE, by KK Chew, and Penang Cultural Inheritors Society, by Kwoh Shoo Chen, the President, witnessed by Dato’ Seri Phee Boon Poh and Richard Koay.

We are honoured to have invited authoritative figures, leaders, and representatives from various sectors in Malaysia, including Chung Zhao Farn, Business Development Manager of Digital Investment, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC); Janice Tan, Senior Manager of Digital Economy Investment Cluster, Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER); Khooi Chu Boon, Director of Digital Penang for SME and Community Development; Dr. Gwee Sai Ling, General Manager of Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC); and Carmen Wong, Senior Officer of Penang Green council (PGC) for Communication & Marketing, to participate in the launch ceremony.

Carmen Wong, Senior Officer of Penang Green Council (PGC) for Communication & Marketing, received the “Zero Fake Certificate” badge from Richard Koay.

MASVERSE is a dynamic technology company at the forefront of blockchain and Web 3.0 innovation in Malaysia. Its expertise lies in providing cross-industry comprehensive blockchain infrastructure solutions, driving the evolution towards a more sophisticated, transparent, and secure internet economy. It emphasises a local foundation with a global vision, aiming to make Malaysia’s Web 3.0 an integral part of the global community. Its goal is to fully harness the potential of the internet, effectively using business interests for various causes beyond collective purposes, offering advanced data-related practical services, and improving economic circulation efficiency without increasing carbon emissions.

Over the past year, MASVERSE has achieved several milestones, including launching Malaysia’s first Web 3.0 education micro-credential course in collaboration with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, partnering with various state education departments to promote Web 3.0 education development. Additionally, it has established the first state-of-the-art Web 3.0 hub in Northern Malaysia, and has compiled the most comprehensive Web 3.0 industrial guidebook in Malaysia.

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