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Empowering Tomorrow: Ever AI Technologies' Journey to Democratize AI and Achieve Global Recognition
Published:  Dec 14, 2023 12:45 PM
Updated: 5:04 AM

Article attributed to Dr Sai Chong Yeh, Chief Executive Officer of Ever Ai Technologies

In the fast-paced landscape of technological innovation, Ever AI Technologies stands out as a beacon of progress, dedicated to breaking down the walls that have traditionally limited access to artificial intelligence (AI). Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Sai Chong Yeh since its inception in November 2020, Ever AI Technologies has not only disrupted the tech industry but has also become a recognized name synonymous with accessibility.

Founded on the principles of Reliability, Affordability, Enabler, and Innovation, has championed the cause of accessibility. The launch of flagship products like Everpass and Ever LPR marked the company's commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology within reach for all, dismantling barriers to AI adoption.

Affordability as a Catalyst for Change

This transformative movement is reshaping the narrative of AI accessibility by championing the principles of Reliability, Affordability, Enabler, and Innovation. The launch of flagship products such as Everpass and Ever LPR exemplifies the commitment to making cutting-edge technology affordable for all. By dismantling financial barriers to AI adoption, this movement empowers businesses and individuals alike, fostering a new era of inclusivity in the technological landscape.

The journey of this is marked by strategic initiatives, culminating in notable achievements. Participation in prestigious programs like NeurIPS 2020, winning EY Foundry Cohort 5, and securing a coveted spot among the top 28 startups in the RHB XCelerator 2023 program attest to the strategic prowess. These accolades not only validate this movement as a rising star but also position it as a frontrunner in global tech innovation, further expanding the horizons of accessibility in AI.

Beyond the realm of innovation, the commitment is unwavering in making a positive impact on society. Recognition as one of the top 5 Malaysian Start-Ups for AI4Good by the United Nations underscores the dedication to ethical and socially responsible AI practices. Initiatives like School Ever AI and Ever PdPR showcase a tangible commitment to leveraging technology for educational advancement, aligning this movement with a broader mission of societal betterment through accessible, impactful AI solutions.

In a landscape where technology often creates divides, Ever AI Technologies stands as a testament to the transformative power of accessible AI, ushering in an era where the benefits of technological innovation are within reach for everyone.

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