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UOW Malaysia’s Student Making Name in the APMC 2023
Published:  Dec 21, 2023 12:39 PM
Updated: 4:39 AM

UOW Malaysia School of Engineering’s student, Amaresh Malakar Choudhury, was selected to represent Malaysia in the Asia Pacific Motorsport Championship (APMC) 2023: Auto-gymkhana Cup at the Sepang International Circuit from September 30 to October 1, 2023.

His team consisted of two other team members namely Ng Aik Sha and Cameron Kechendai James, representing Malaysia in Women’s Solo and Men’s Double respectively. In the APMC 2023: Auto-gymkhana Cup, competing against 28 Asia Pacific countries, they successfully reaped the gold medal for Women’s Solo and silver medal for Men’s Double.

APMC Auto-gymkhana was an accessible motorsport discipline made available to both male and female drivers to manoeuvre through the obstacles within the fastest speed and time. It was also an initiative to provide an affordable competition opportunity at regional levels.

Pertaining to this event, Mr. Choudhury obtained the fastest time during the selection process and trained hard along with his team members two weeks prior to the APMC 2023. As a result, they were able to gain success in the competition and became one of the selected teams for the next APMC 2024 in Taiwan.

Mr. Choudhury’s interest in driving had sprouted at an early age when he learned how to fix cars from his grandfather and attended the F1 Race with his mother. As soon as he got his license, he started to go on frequent drives with his friends to Genting Highlands and other mountain roads.

The rest was history as he became a part of a racing team and had numerous achievements including obtaining 3rd Place in the Autocross Championship 2022.

“We are really excited for next year’s race and will train even harder to bring pride to our country. I would like to thank my parents, coach, friends and team for supporting me to make my dream into a reality.”, said Mr. Choudhury.

Overall, it showcased the undeniable talent and relentless spirit of UOW Malaysia's student, reminding us that with determination and unwavering support, no goal is too far to reach.

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