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UOW Malaysia’s Rising Stars Secured 2nd Place in the Integrated Design Project Short Video Competition
Published:  Jan 4, 2024 2:56 PM
Updated: 6:56 AM

UOW Malaysia Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours students from the School of Engineering, led by Ts. Nur Hasalli Binti Ibrahim, has achieved a commendable feat, securing 2nd Place in the esteemed Integrated Design Project Short Video Competition 2023 organised by the Engineering Education Technical Division, IEM.

Ts. Nur Hasalli Binti Ibrahim and UOW Malaysia engineering students.

This remarkable accomplishment served as a testament to the students' innovative prowess and engineering acumen, showcased through their project titled "PET Buoyant Rover for River Surveillance." The team, comprising Dhiren Kaylen Ram, Yong Jin Ye, Ong Chun Yao, Teh Yu Gin, and Vinnoth Srikumar, collaborated seamlessly to bring their vision to life, highlighting their creativity and effective teamwork.

Not only did their project secured 2nd Place in the national competition, but it also earned the prestigious title of Champion of Capstone Project for the year 2023 within the School of Engineering at UOW Malaysia.

The winning short video provided a comprehensive overview of their groundbreaking project, offering insights into its operational principles. Addressing the crucial issue of effective river surveillance, the PET Buoyant Rover was ingeniously engineered to autonomously navigate rivers. It boasts surveillance functionalities aimed at monitoring environmental variables, identifying pollutants, and contributing to the overall preservation of riverine well-being.

PET Buoyant Rover for River Surveillance

What sets this rover apart is the incorporation of recyclable materials and regulated solar energy, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Rigorous testing has been conducted to ensure the rover's buoyancy, propulsion efficiency, and stability align with project specifications.

The success of their capstone project lies in its ingeniously simple yet effective working concept. This project serves not only as a symbol of creativity but also as a monument to the transformative potential of collaborative engineering.

The students' triumph in the competition not only emphasised their technical proficiency but also highlighted their capacity for collaborative problem-solving and imaginative thinking.

Congratulations to the entire team for this outstanding achievement, setting a benchmark for innovative engineering solutions within the academic community at UOW Malaysia.

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