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Beyond the Rails: Unveiling the KTM’s History with Satu Petang
Published:  Jan 17, 2024 4:30 PM
Updated: 8:30 AM

Nestled within the historic Keretapi Tanah Melayu stesen (KTM) in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, lies a canvas of untold narratives and inherent beauty awaiting exploration. UOW Malaysia orchestrated an extraordinary event in collaboration with esteemed partner universities, including UM, UiTM, UPSI, ASWARA, and KTM, titled “Satu Petang: Persembahan On-Site di KTM Kuala Lumpur” on November 24, 2023.

Mr Rithaudin addressing the spirit of Satu Petang (Photo by Boh Goh Hiang).

Far beyond a mere event, it was an artistic venture aimed at delving into the historical, economic, social, and environmental dimensions of KTM through the unique lens of a site-specific performance. Collaborating with KTM and esteemed partner universities, the students took on the role of architects, ensuring an intimate connection with the historical richness of KTM.

The performances transcended boundaries through collaborative artistry. UOW Malaysia presented "Hello and Goodbye,” featuring synergy of five dancers and four vocalists. Meanwhile, UM mesmerized spectators with "The Same Time at 17:19," an exhilarating piece executed by four talented students. UPSI evoked powerful emotions with "Still here but...," a heart-rending dance performed by three dancers. UiTM delivered an exciting performance titled "With you we go," executed by eight energetic students. ASWARA showcased the mesmerising "Pulang Tiba," performed with emotions by two skilful students.

UOW Malaysia students’ performance (Photo by Nicholas Augustin).

"Hello and Goodbye," was presented by talented students from UOW Malaysia Diploma in Entertainment Arts and Bachelor of Creative Industry Management programs. These programs not only deliver excellent teaching but also provide experiential, project-based learning. In conjunction with industry professionals, these programs focus on enriching students' education, preparing them comprehensively for the industry they aspire to join.

UOW Malaysia’s “Hello and Goodbye” (Photo by Boh Goh Hiang).

UOW Malaysia's Diploma in Entertainment Arts goes beyond traditional boundaries, exposing students to roles in singing, dancing, acting, and management skills. The curriculum guides students to expand their existing talents, enabling them to build an impressive portfolio even before graduation. Workshops, seminars, practical projects, and idea pitching to executives are integral components, preparing students for further studies in UOW Malaysia.

The Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (Hons) program at UOW Malaysia, stands out as a thoughtfully crafted curriculum that offers a distinctive blend of creative practices, design, entertainment, performing arts, and entrepreneurial skills. This well-thought-out program distinguishes itself by providing graduates with in-depth knowledge, multi-skills, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in specialized and interdisciplinary areas of the creative arts.

Lecturers of UOW Malaysia (Photo by Boh Goh Hiang).

UOW Malaysia invites you to unleash your creative potential and embark on a journey seamlessly blending artistry with education. Join us in shaping the future of creativity and become part of a community where talent meets innovation.

This article is provided by UOW Malaysia

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