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QUESTION TIME There’s a better than even chance that Najib will not be PM for long.

While forecasting is pretty dangerous, I humbly estimate that there’s a better than even chance that Najib Razak will not be prime minister for long - he won’t take Umno into the next polls, putting his remaining time at the top to no more than two years from now.

While there is a strong impression of support for him within Umno, there is one key question that will weigh heavily - very heavily - on the collective mind of the party: With Najib leading the party, will Umno and its allies under BN be able to muster enough votes to win the next general election?

This question assumes far greater seriousness because the latest available opinion polls from the Merdeka Center indicate that there has been a large swing against the Najib administration.

According to news reports in October last year, only one of four Malaysians - or 23 percent to be exact - approve of Najib’s government. This is sharply down by about half from nearly one out of two, or 48 percent, in June 2014. Tellingly, Malay support about halved too, hitting a low of 31 percent from 60 percent in June 2014...

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