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Living away from Malaysia, mountain biking played a huge role in me getting to know more about my then-host country. It often took me to places that I may not have otherwise thought to go. The promise of beautiful trails to explore took me to many small towns, underrated cities and little-known gems.

Being back in Malaysia, I was excited to execute the same strategy to explore the country. High up on my list was Gunung Jerai in Yan, Kedah. I first heard about the bike ride down the forest trails of Gunung Jerai just a few years ago. The trails are notorious amongst the local mountain biking community; thanks to its steep, root covered, long and untamed jungle trails.

Any mention of these trails to those who have experienced them; would bring on stories of heroic feats on two wheels, near-death experiences, comic mishaps and supernatural tinged tales of caution. Most would jump at the opportunity to revisit their Jerai experience.

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