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Most journeys begin with a sense of expectation of arrival at the destination, but last Tuesday - as terror struck Istanbul’s Ataturk airport - the experience was one of rising above expectations. As the world rightly condemns the use of violence against innocent civilians, there is a tendency to overlook the ordinary humanity and heroism that is often present in crises. I witnessed this first hand at Ataturk airport this week.

Arriving less than half an hour after the bombs exploded, my flight from Ankara was one of many held on the tarmac. Passengers while expressing shock remained surprisingly calm, and reached out to assist one another, be it to carry a baby stroller onto the bus for a passenger with a tired child in their arms to translating for the non-Turkish speakers who sought information. In serious crises, there is often a sense of clarity of priorities.

Upon arriving at the domestic terminal, swarms of passengers awaited directions and assurance. Initially this was not forthcoming, as it was evident that security was more important than service. Police personnel with machine guns were making their rounds, confirming that there were no other threats. Airline staff understandably could not immediately provide the answers passengers needed, as many of them were in shock themselves...

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