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“All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies.”

- John Arbuthnot

I consider PAS a religious sect masquerading as a political party and a component party of Barisan National.

Many PAS members who still hold allegiance to Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s pragmatism, if not his religiousity, tell me that Abdul Hadi Awang should just come out of the closet and swear fealty to Umno. This way there would be a modicum of honour in how they conduct themselves in the upcoming elections should Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak have the courage to roll the dice and see where they land.

Hadi’s claim that non-Muslims would embrace syariah law because it showed Islam was fair and just is laughable, not because of the idiocy of the statement but because Malaysians, and this includes Muslims, have very little faith in the current “secular” system in place.

Syariah, as I have argued before, would just be the cherry on top of the fascist cake that the Najib regime and PAS are baking because of the scandals plaguing the former. The funny thing is, Hadi’s conduct would be condemned and judged harshly by the Islamic fanatics he wishes to emulate.

In a speech to various right-wing Malay groups, he said, “When they see that syariah law is better, they (non-Muslims) will automatically choose syariah and this is what is feared by those quarters (who oppose the amendments to the Act).”

This is a blatant lie and Hadi knows this. Hadi knows very well that during Tok Guru’s tenure, the opposition pact was playing hide and seek with hudud - agree to disagree and the various rhetorical permutations gave way to open hostilities that led to the break-up of Pakatan Rakyat after the passing of the PAS spiritual adviser...

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