How will Nurul and Tony, in London, remove Najib?

Opinion  |  Mariam Mokhtar
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In a week’s time, PKR’s Nurul Izzah Anwar and DAP’s Tony Pua will address Malaysians in London. If they think that they can smother Malaysians with more of the ‘same-old, same-old’ weary messages, then forget it.

After years of false starts, missed hopes and broken promises, Malaysians are not going to fall for the same sob story of “It wasn’t us. We didn’t fail you. It was PAS. They betrayed us.”

First. If PAS betrayed you, why is the PKR deputy president, Azmin Ali, determined to woo them?

Second. Are the rakyat and opposition supporters expected to rejoice, just because former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad met Anwar Ibrahim in court and shook hands with him? This is the man who dedicated almost two decades to framing Anwar, and provided Najib Abdul Razak with the blueprint to jail Anwar again.

This time last year, two PKR executive councillors arrived in London to meet Malaysians. You could hear a pin drop when one man in the audience accused the opposition of failing the rakyat. He said, “I think you, the opposition, have missed big time.

“You are not able to exploit the current political situation in the country because you are fractured.

“So what are you going to do in order to strengthen yourself? That is what has to be done. Your situation is bad.”

The two PKR men looked sheepish. The audience was enjoying the spectacle and the discomfort of the assemblypersons.

The Malay gentleman was absolutely right. He asked a question to which many Malaysians would like the answer.

Just as the older, more senior PKR politician was about to defend the opposition coalition, the questioner ploughed on and said, “Removing Najib is not that difficult, if you are strong.

“The focus is to get back together. How are you going to get back together to fight them (Umno Baru) and remove Najib?

“He (Najib) survives because you (opposition) are weak.

“So you have to do something.”

We realise, just as all of the opposition politicians do, that BN/Umno Baru’s strategy is to break up the opposition coalition.

Najib cosied-up to PAS president Hadi Awang, and dangled the hudud bill in front of him. We also know that Najib’s emissaries had contacted Hadi about a ‘unity government’, ostensibly to protect the Malays and defend Islam.

The PAS politicians who knew about this, and have since left the party, failed to alert the public because they did not want to be ejected from the PAS central committee. Had they revealed the scandal, public opinion would have been behind them. In the end, rumours about this unity government were denied. To add insult to injury, the conservatives forced the moderates out, anyway.

Only a naïve Malaysian would believe that Umno Baru wants to share power with any other party. MIC and MCA leaders are deluded and more stupid than we thought possible, to think that they influence Umno Baru.

Putting Anwar behind bars in February 2015, and airing the hudud bill in May 2015, are all part of Umno Baru’s plan to destroy the opposition.

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