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In Putrajaya, the most important show on earth is the current Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. It is being stage-managed by a future prime ministerial hopeful, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

For Khairy, the end justifies the means. He must succeed, and in this context, success means to win as many gold medals as possible. The reason is simple. The SEA Games will be used as propaganda for the next general election, GE14.

The list of gold medals won by Malaysia is impressive. On Merdeka day, the naive rakyat will react favourably when told that this was the "best ever" SEA Games and it was made possible only because of Umno Baru.

This is another variant of the oft repeated phrase, "Where would the Malays be, without Umno Baru?" and Khairy will make sure that the part he played in the games will be on his CV.

Winners are whisked-off for selfies with the PM. More propaganda material in the offing...

Some guest nations expressed displeasure when their flags were mixed up. Apology after apology was issued. When the flag mix-ups continued, with alarming regularity, a damage control exercise was deemed essential.

Enter the outgoing IGP, who said that the flag mix-up was possibly an act of sabotage. This is perhaps the IGP's most important role before his retirement. He wins "gold" for his creativity. Since when were incompetence and a failure to proof-read termed acts of "sabotage"; unless the acts were perpetrated by a fifth column within Umno-Baru.

Malaysia is not a normal country. It is a notorious example of how blinkered affirmative action policies have wrecked a perfectly functioning multiracial nation...

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