Their right to drink their beer

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What is the big deal, O' Malay-Muslims especially?

I suppose those who don't drink won't drink, and those who do will. It is quite a simple matter and need not create chaos and ignite social revolutions overthrowing this and that. Beer, I was told and as I have seen around me, doesn't necessarily lead to alcoholism.

It's a socializing drink, I suppose. Though I could still sit in a jazz club for hours with a few cups of coffee and still enjoy Miles Davis. Sat beside a few kids who were smoking pot in a Rolling Stones concert in the last two years and I was fine, though I myself was a bit dizzy with the secondhand gangsta ganja smoke. And I could also get high at a Pink Floyd concert without smoking or drinking anything.

I once paid my last respects to a colleague who died of cancer. A Catholic. Attended the funeral in upstate New York and after that a lunch with the family. Wine served and all. I sat there without eating and the family respected that. Why? Because it was the month of Ramadan and I was fasting...

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