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COMMENT | If I had been a patient of the fake dentist, Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli, my immediate worry would not be that her fine had been settled by the Malaysia Islamic Economic Activist Organisation (PPEIM).

My immediate concern would be to arrange a thorough health check to ensure that I have not been contaminated with a communicable disease, from her or her other patients.

I would be furious that she had wrongfully claimed that the Deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya had supported her endeavours. Her claim that the public outburst had made her famous is infuriating, because it shows that she is arrogant and selfish.

Nur allowed people to trust her with their dental health and had no qualms about defrauding them of their hard-earned cash.

The deputy prime minister's son-in-law, Syed Alman Zain Syed Alwi, died at the hands of a qualified dentist. Nur does not seem to understand that her actions were morally wrong, irresponsible and dangerous.

What if her efforts had gone disastrously wrong? What if she had severed a vital nerve or blood vessel and the patient had life-threatening injuries, was disfigured for life, or died?

Nur's patients may end up paying more to correct a botched-up job. Anyone with genuine health problems would not entrust their health to a quack or a witch-doctor.

How long had the 20-year-old vocational college graduate been operating as a backstreet dentist?

She was reputed to have earned around RM6,000 per day, charging RM650 for full braces, and RM350 for a partial fitting. Despite being caught in a raid in a homestay, last year, she continued...

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