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COMMENT | If you pause and think for a moment, you wouldn’t swallow AirAsia’s famous slogan, “Now, everyone can fly”, hook, line and sinker.

Considering the airline’s hidden charges, no refund policy, priority seating and baggage charges and exorbitant prices for food and drinks on board, you still have to dig out from your pocket quite a bit if you want to fly.

But let’s give it to AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes; the airline boss is successful because his budget and “no frills” concept have made it generally affordable for many to fly and see places.

As we approach yet another election, we can borrow from Fernandes and AirAsia because it’s true that “Now, everyone wants to be a YB”.

The honest person who makes a serious entry into politics will admit that he or she harbours ambition of being a “somebody” one day. And that means seeking an elected office.

In Malaysia, as the first step towards achieving that goal, you have to become a YB (meaning Yang Berhormat; Yang Berkhidmat).

If you lack the stamina to fight, you can cry.

Just review the scene at the Federal Territory (FT) Amanah meeting the other night. It was reported that some FT Amanah leaders were weeping (yes, in tears) because they were not given an FT seat to contest in GE14.

Amanah president Mohamad Sabu was there to pacify his members and offered them a shoulder to cry on.

What’s going on here?...

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