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#UndiRosak will not work in Malaysia just yet

COMMENT | So let’s talk about this #UndiRosak movement that seems to be taking Malaysian society by storm. It’s a movement where the proponents are trying to persuade voters to spoil their votes once the general election comes.

The main objective for spoilt votes is for the voters to voice displeasure in the electoral system. It is a stand of protest. Usually, it is because the voters feel like there is a lack of choice when it comes to the voting process.

In this case, the proponents of the #UndiRosak movement feel like both the options - Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan - do not provide them with the confidence that either one can govern the country well.

So, there actually is a purpose and objective when the voters actually register, head down to the polling centre and then spoil their votes by not voting for either one of the candidates that are running in the election.

However, in this particular case in Malaysia, there is a problem. I believe that the movement to spoil votes will not serve a positive purpose because of the situation in our country where the ruling party has never been out of power - ever.

Lack of check-and-balance

BN has been the government since independence in 1957. After 60 years, this has created an unhealthy situation where they are complacent and power-hungry.

For a government to have been in power for 60 years, there would have been opportunities for them to create a system where they feel that there need not be any checks-and-balances and, because of that, they become comfortable in their positions...

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